Look after your health from the youth

In our days not know it, as they say, at a loss. And yet, in all likelihood, you guys don't really listen to the advice of the elders is not carry weight in one hand, not to sit sideways to the table, not to lean to it, not to sit too high or too low the Desk. It is so easy to earn scoliosis.
By the way, scoliosis treated also with the help of physical education. There are many complexes of medical gymnastics for children, suffering and other spinal curvature - lordosis and kyphosis. A good ally of the physician in the treatment of these shortcomings is swimming. Only the open swimming pool "Moscow" is engaged in more than two thousand children with various disorders of the spine. Swimming, especially swimming style brass, is a miraculous cure of a scoliosis, stolovatets, bad gait.
Children with posture defects it is also useful to ski and skate, to go rowing, and girls and artistic gymnastics. But Boxing, wrestling, Cycling them is contraindicated.
Let's hear of a candidate of medical Sciences Anna Iosifovna Kaplan, many years worked in medical exercises dispensary:
- Once to me in the eye office of the boy came to get help for tennis. When I picked up the pointer and asked him to call out the letters on the table, he began to cry. Hence, the vision that he's wrong? Fortunately, the eyes of the boy were watchful. He just was so small that it has not yet learned to read! That is to say, a funny story. But it happens in our office and sad. Guys sometimes cry bitterly: sight they are so corrupt that we are forced to stop them from playing sports.
That is why I want to remind you of the old proverb: "the eyes, as the diamond!" It's no coincidence that the ancients worshipped eyes against the sun. With the help of view we experience the world around us. None of the other senses - no feel, no smell, no taste, and even hearing may not be delivered to a person so many impressions, but the sight.
And we are often so savagely carelessly treat my eyes! Do not observe elementary hygiene. Read lying down, for food, while driving on bumpy ride. Are engaged in low light, never strained eyes. During bright, blinding sun in summer on the beach, and in winter in the snow do not wear sunglasses. Eat a little of vitamins, particularly vitamin a (carotene), why we
Mr. Roy starts "chicken blindness" - the deterioration of vision in twilight. Do not spoil your eyes! Follow a few simple rules. During the reading and writing distance from notebooks and books to the eyes should be not less than 30-35 cm. Do sitting closer to the window, and in the evening put on the table the lamp in 60 to 75 watts under opaque cap. Remember: light should fall on the left side. When you watch TV, sit need about 2.5-3 metres from the screen! If your doctor has prescribed for you points, be sure to wear them constantly. You can often see guys who somehow ashamed points, hiding them in his pocket. But the glasses should not be worn from time to time, as it is impossible to use and foreign points.
Pleasure boating, volleyball, run a hundred yards. Sports not only exciting - they help the normal formation of view (indeed, the vision is formed to 9-12 years), improve orientation, develop a good eye and vigilance.
But if you hurt my eyes or you can't see before you join the sports section, be sure to visit the eye doctor. Indeed, in some diseases of the eye are prohibited in heavy physical activity. Children, teenagers, young men who have myopia over 4.5 diopters, not recommended for heavy athletics, Boxing, wrestling. At high (from 7 diopters), as well as progressive myopia activities in sports clubs generally contraindicated, as physical stress can cause changes in the retina - the detachment. On the advice of the physician in this case, you can exercise only health improving purposes.
When a small farsightedness can do any kind of sports. With a very strong degree of farsightedness is contraindicated automobile and motorcycle sports, ski jumping, climbing.

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