Look after your health from the youth

But we hope that the vision you have good that you have passed all medical examinations and the doctors wrote: "Fit". What kind of sports to choose?
In the edition of magazines and Newspapers often receive letters from students. Girls complain about poor shape, angular movements, "duck" gait.
The recipe is simple: let the girl will be engaged in swimming, skating, gymnastics, sport or art. Take a look at a good gymnast - both easy and plastic her movements, much grace in her gestures! You don't even pay attention to certain shortcomings in its body, sinking in the General harmony of movements.
In his letters boys complain that their nature is deprived of strength and growth: they have narrow shoulders, and chest sunken. Yes, no costumes with cotton "limbs"-shoulders will not hide ugliness weakling. The best tailor in this case - sport. Guys, dissatisfied with their figure, we suggest track multiathlon} exercises with dumbbells, diving, figure skating. Comprehensively developing the body, these kinds of controversial produce proportional body shape.
"Can it be higher?" - this is the leitmotif of many letters to the editor.
Doctors of the city of Tula, check how increasing growth in boys high school, physical activity is different. Students involved in 2 times a week, for the school year began half a centimeter higher than their classmates who attended gymnasium only 1 time a week.
And surveillance scientists testify the same: we regularly engaged in physical exercises for children and young people develops better musculoskeletal system. They increase the length and thickness of the bones of the legs, thighs, arms, ribs, vertebrae. In the result, the person becomes bigger in the shoulders and taller.
In what section to register to grow indifferent. Choose one that you do to your heart. Just remember: in order to feel the benefits of physical education, one should not sporadically, not occasionally, but constantly and systematically.
"All my life " feel the tension of muscles and aspiration thought," advises the oldest Soviet sculptor Sergei T. Konenkov.
So, physical training and sport is a wonderful tool disease control and natural disadvantages. Well when he said Vladimir Mayakovsky:
There is no light
better than Odei,
Than bronze muscles and freshness of the skin...
It's a poor soldier that never wants to become a General. And you guys probably dreaming about gold medals and world Championships. Well, it will be very good if your dream will come true. But even led you will not be able to be the first at the finish, never mind. The main thing - with the help of physical training and sports, you will become stronger, fitter, and therefore healthier. The health of same - this is the magic source of vitality and longevity.

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