Look after your health from the youth

This chick could be the envy of many of his counterparts. It is not threatened predators, the whole winter he received tasty food: worms, bread crumbs, grain, drinking clean fresh water. And here are the first gay rays of the sun melted the chained frost land. Nightingale started, opened beak, to sing a song of triumph update. But after the first song in the neck that have zablokowano, he fell down and convulsed. An autopsy found bleeding in the brain.
Hares were transported from one place to another. Only two weeks have continued their journey, but when Kosykh released in spacious enclosures, they rushed, as if the runners from the start, and then helplessly spun on the spot. The poor of secisek not stood the bones of the back legs.
Don't break your head over the cause of accidents: the fact that "the apartment" the Nightingale and hares were wrong - tight tiny cell in which the Nightingale was not able to dissolve the wings, and hares were not able to run and jump.
What do these examples from the life of animals in the Moscow zoo? That without movement, without flying, jumping, without training the bodies of birds and animals can not develop normally.
Reading these lines, you guys might think: "well, that man is by nature tougher all these animals and it may not happen that way?"
But is this true?
...Once in a quiet lane, where the Institute of therapy of the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR, came unusual patients. They preferred not to use the Elevator and jumped over the steps, joked and laughed straightening pour the muscles of the shoulders. The health of these strong 20-30-year old men meticulously checked by a special medical Commission. She found them absolutely healthy. Why the big guys need to go into hospital? And then that doctors decided to do a series of experiments. Healthy people twenty days forbade to do gymnastics, sit and stand. Some of you may think it is harmless'd soak up in bed to relax from the lessons from labors. But...
Already on the third day the participants thought so: started to complain of muscle back pain, poor appetite, on the other ailments. Day by day, as recorded doctors, "there was a growing need for active movements". And when patients first got up from the bed, arms and legs were trembling from weakness, and his head was spinning so that was dizzy. Even the simplest operation, such as walking on the house or climbing the stairs, accompanied by severe pain in the muscles, and what can we say about the tests in the centrifuge! All young people as one showed reduced resistance to acceleration.
Tests, ECG, x-ray examination, percussion, auscultation. All surveys testified: the quantity of the work done usually by the heart and lungs, decreased by about 30 percent. If the volunteers got out of bed, blood pressure dropped so dramatically, that many of them came unconscious.
And all these disorders lasted an hour, not two, but held steady ten days after the end of the bed. Is this not a convincing example of the need of movements, which cannot replace no drugs in the world!
You probably have heard of the Cape Pitsunda, which is called Paradise Abkhazia? Now here is situated the land citrus farm, and was once a manor of the landowner Igumnov. The location is such that seem to live there until a hundred years - not grow old: the beautiful nature, sea, air, like nastennyi on the aromas of herbs and fruit trees. However, the landowner even to old age to live failed. That said Vasily Ivanovich Vishnevsky, his former Kucher:
- I took his master, was, on the one hand to hand, and the footman on the other, and we drove through the Park to the sea. He barely legs moved. Every five minutes seated him on the bench to rest.
Neither wealth, nor care numerous servants not brought to the landowner longevity, because the owner of the "Paradise" was legibly, lazy proiectele life, those who now would be branded a scornful word "parasite". But his coachman Vishnevsky lived to 110 years!

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