How much is the price?

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 Wealth is not in possession of 
 wealth, but the ability advisable 
 to use them.
M. Cervantes

Free medical care. It is a social conquest is difficult to overestimate. Remember, however, speaking with a French doctor.
- You visits to the doctor are free?
- Yes.
- Hmm... And we have some patients believe that what is not worth the money, really not worth it...
Hardly this thesis deserves to be challenged. Not by accident in the new USSR Constitution stipulates that the right to health is provided and free qualified medical care.
The importance of this can be felt once in a capitalist country and knowing the costs there is illness in people.
One of the characters of the famous novel of Sinclair Lewis "erousmit", Professor-otolaryngologist, firmly believed that the glands exist in the human body only for the supply of doctors cars. To some it may seem that this is fiction. No, the study showed F. j. Cook (1972), some doctors in the USA really remove one amygdala during the operation so that in the day, they could show two.
Subcommittee of the U.S. Congress said that in 1974 2.4 million people have been operated without necessary. The cost of these operations amounted to $ 4 billion, and the result of them died on 11 900 people. The American medical Association this data is contested, but the re-examination showed that in 1977 it was made 2 million unnecessary operations, they cost at $ 4 billion and died because of them 10 thousand people. During the stay in the USA I was struck by some ambivalence regarding the medical profession. On the one hand, it arouses envy: it is no secret that private practice physician earns much; on the other it does not hide dislike because of what he earns from the disease. It was also interesting to observe how Often discover that I am a doctor, I tried along the way to obtain medical advice. It is because money was not worth it, people understand you...
It is quite remarkable that the international Association of physicians of the state of Illinois (USA) considered necessary in developed principles of medical ethics to highlight a paragraph, which reads: "the Doctor shall not beg the fee in a patient ..."
Does our idea of a strike organized in 1964 for financial reasons Belgian doctors who refused to provide medical care to patients?
And that there is one article title W. Schweisheimer (1974): "the Problem "professional etiquette". Should a doctor free of charge to treat another doctor and members of his family?"!
Whether these facts comments?
And yet it is difficult sometimes to get away from the idea that easily obtained not all is appreciated.
The flu epidemic. Each doctor dozens of calls to the house. One of them - to the elderly person who is healthy. He decided to marry, and future wife demanded his medical examination. Funny? No. Sad. Even given the fact that the desire for family happiness is sometimes irresistible character, should not turn into Chekhov Abgineh.