Infertility is the inability to conceive, despite the possibility of committing a sexual act (male infertility), and conception (female infertility) in childbearing age.
The cause of male infertility can be obstruction of the seminal tract, azoospermia - the complete absence of sperm. The latter may be due to a congenital defect of the testicles, endocrine disorders. The most frequent cause of the reduced ability of male fertility is oligospermia - insufficient number of sperm in the ejaculate. Oligospermia may be associated with a variety of pathological processes (gonorrheal the orchitis, epididimita and others); it is and when varicocele (expansion and extension of the veins of the spermatic cord). Temporary oligospermia may occur after infectious diseases of viral etiology, toxic effects, traumatic orchitis, exposure to ionizing radiation.
Infertility in women may be the primary, if never came pregnancy, and secondary arising after the former before birth, spontaneous abortion or medical abortion.
Causes of female infertility are extremely diverse. Most often infertility occurs due to previous bilateral inflammation of the fallopian tubes (gonorrhea, septic, tuberculosis) with the closing of the clearance (see Adnexitis). Less infertility occurs when sexual infantilism (see), diseases of the endocrine glands, diseases of the uterus (inflammation etc).
Usually about infertility first seeking medical help a woman. During the examination it is necessary to collect the medical history (illness common and genital organs, the nature of menstruation prior to pregnancy, their outcome, various intoxication , etc. and make a vaginal examination. In the absence of data, explaining infertility, it is necessary to conduct additional surveys of women to exclude infertility her husband. It should be sent to the appropriate laboratory, explaining the method of collection of the semen and its transportation. Ejaculate should be obtained after 3-10 days of abstinence from sexual intercourse when interrupted sexual intercourse in clean, dry, small bubble with a wide neck. To apply a condom to collect semen should not (latex has spermatotsydnoe action with the termination of sperm motility). The sperm must be delivered to the laboratory not later than in an hour: during transportation to prevent chilling. Through 20-40 minutes after ejaculation coiled first seed diluted, which gives the opportunity to explore sperm motility.
Causes of female infertility are clarified on the basis of additional studies - blowing tubes (pertubative), hysterosalpingography (see) and other purulent whiter, cervical erosion, changes in its appendages, acceleration ROHE are contraindications to these methods. Before the examination it is necessary to make direct microscopic examination of smears secret cervical canal. In case of detection in a large number of leukocytes should treat accordingly (see Cervicitis). At the direction of the blowing of trumpets is necessary to consider the female menstrual cycle (the blowing of trumpets is after menstruation in the first phase of the cycle). After the blowing of the trumpets, the woman may be menicus-symptom (pain in the shoulder, collarbone, and in the epigastric region). In these cases it is recommended peace, heating pad on the abdomen. Usually these symptoms pass through 1 - 2 days.
In some cases, it can be assumed that infertility in women is associated with anovulatory cycles. In these cases, the woman in 2-3 months should daily to measure and record the rectal temperature measurements should be made in the morning at the same hour before getting up from the bed. It is desirable results burn temperature sheet (see Menstrual cycle).
Infertility treatment should be made only after a thorough examination of the husband and the woman on the nomination of the doctor-expert. One of the main methods of treatment include physiotherapy, shown mud treatment in sanatorium-resort conditions. In the treatment of infertility in women's consultation is applied hydrotubation (installation in pipes of antibiotics and lidz). Is held and surgical treatment of tubal infertility - release of pipes from adhesions, artificial formation of abdominal pipes, transplanting healthy cut the tube to the womb. The results of such operations cannot be considered satisfactory, pregnancy after them is rare. Therefore, the most important is prevention of infertility is to fight against inflammatory diseases of appendages, timely treatment of infantilism, the prevention of abortion (see), complications after birth (see).

Infertility is the inability of the Mature body to produce offspring. Infertility may be a result of pathological changes in the sex organs, sex gland in both men and women, as well as violations of other organs and glands of internal secretion, causing secondary diseases of the reproductive system.
I think that on average 10% of infertile marriages. Barren is a marriage where pregnancy has not occurred after three years of the life of the spouses without the use of contraceptives. At the Second International Congress on infertility (Amsterdam, 1959) made a proposal to consider the marriage barren, if pregnancy does not occur after two years of marriage the spouses without the use of contraceptives. But in 10% of all marriages pregnancy occurs after two years of married life. If after two years of marriage barren, it is necessary examination of the spouses to determine the cause of infertility.
Not always the culprit infertile marriage woman, approximately half of the cases is infertile male. E. I. Quater believes that 10% of all infertile marriages cause infertility detected simultaneously both spouses.