Helpless (helpless state) is a condition in which a person is unable to take active measures to ensure his existence or protecting his life, health and dignity. Powerlessness can be caused by physiological reasons (among infants, young children, people of old age, persons in a state of natural sleep). Helplessness may accompany pathological processes or to be a consequence of the (mental and nervous diseases, severe disease, with sharp physical weakness; with various deformities, depriving the opportunity of self-protection and resistance); powerlessness can be caused by alcohol intoxication, if it has reached a high degree, may come under artificial sleep caused by different drugs, narcotic medicinal substances.
Criminals can intentionally cause its victim unconscious for the prevention or reduction of its resistance. Most often they get there, squeezing the neck of his victim's hands, throwing punches in shock zone, beating and torturing, causing severe pain to bring the man to fainting, or shock. Helplessness may occur while maintaining consciousness affected by the application of measures that exclude its resistance to violence, for example, linking, giving uncomfortable position, to rum hard to resist).
When the court.-the honey. the examination can only be installed B. due to a physiological or pathological condition, but not by external circumstances (the latter are established by the bodies of investigation and court). When the court.-the honey. the establishment of the state of helplessness, you must exclude the simulation, which occurs when investigating cases of rape, robbery and other Use of helplessness for criminal purposes is a circumstance aggravating the liability of the offenders, as provided for senior 39 of the criminal code of the RSFSR.