Bikarmint (Bicarmintum) - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Prescribed for rinsing, washing and inhalation in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Used in the solution at the rate of 1-2 tablets 1/2 Cup water. The form of release: tablets (10 pcs. in glass tubes). Cm. Antiseptic, anti-Inflammatory drugs.

Bikarmint - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Pills B. contain sodium borate 0.4 g, sodium carbonates 0.4 g, sodium chloride 0.2 g, menthol 0,004, Apply for poloskani, promavani and inhalation catarrhs. Dissolve 1-2 tablets in 1/2 glass of water. Is produced in glass tubes 10 tablets. Cm. also Antiseptic.