A series of tripartite

A series of tripartite - Bidens tripartita L.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
a series of tripartite
The generic name comes from the Latin words that define the fetus "bis" twice and "des" - tooth. The species name is given on the structure of leaves - tripartita is tripartite.
The series is an annual grassy plant. Its height varies from 50 to 100 see Leaves opposite, accrete at the base, globaltelesales. Sheet share of gear, lanceolate.
Flowers are collected in flat baskets, the latter are located on the ends of branches. Baskets surrounded by a double zipper, outer leaflets her bent and radial surround receptacle, tapered at the end, serrate along the edge, with a crooked teeth, remaining at fruits. Internal shorter external and painted a reddish color, scarious.
Fruit is achene. In the period of flowering buds with a part of the stem (15-20 cm) cut and dried in the shade, placing a thin layer.
In nature the plant grows along irrigation ditches, trenches, swampy places, so in the culture it is necessary often to water.
In the Pharmacopoeia of the USSR (I-III edition) included leaves and clusters of wild plants. The leaves are used in folk medicine as protivoprotosanoe a tool called "Averin tea". A decoction of herbs used in the treatment of diathesis, scrofula, rickets. In addition, is used as a diaphoretic, as a softening for washing children, bath, lotions, etc.