Biyohinol (Biiochinolum; list B) - protevoepilepticescoe tool. Applied for the treatment of all forms of syphilis, as well as secifications lesions of the Central nervous system (arachno-encephalitis, meningomyelitis and others). Biyohinol intramuscularly warmed up to body temperature. For the treatment of syphilis apply to 3 ml of biogenol 1 time in 3 days; in the course of treatment 40-50 ml of suspension. The highest single dose 3 ml Biyohinol contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, diabetes, hemorrhagic diathesis, severe forms of TB, decompensation heart, gingivitis, stomatitis and with sensitivity to quinine. Released in orange glass bottles of 100 ml Keep in a cool place. Cm. also Protivoepilepticheskie funds.

Biyohinol - protevoepilepticescoe means; 8% suspension yodvismutata quinine in persikovom oil. Also used for treatment of lupus erythematosus, parapsoriasis, red flat denying. Intramuscularly; before use B. heated to body temperature and thoroughly shake. Enter 3 ml B. 1 time in 3 days (the highest single dose for adults); in the course of treatment 40-50 ml of Side effects and contraindications - see Bismuth, Protivoepilepticheskie funds. Release B. patients in the dark glass of 100 ml Keep in a cool dry dark place.