The drums

The drums (synonym: drums, sterilization boxes, cartons shimmelbush) - metal round (cylindrical or rectangular boxes that are sterilized, and then store sterile dressings, bathrobes and operational linen. Nickel-plated drums rust; much more convenient to use the drums of stainless steel. Round (cylindrical) drums of different sizes easier for sterilization in a cylindrical pressure vessel, into the chamber of which the size 25x35 cm includes two Bix size 24x16 cm; if the amount of camera 35x50 cm three Bix size 34x16 see, when the size of the camera 40x60 cm three Bix size 38x19 see
the drums photoRound (cylindrical) Bix (Fig. 1) has a body, a cover on the hinge with strap worn on the ear housing and fasten suspended on a chain hook. In the walls of the body is made of lattice openings for entry couple in Bix, open them before sterilization, moving in a circular zone, covering housing, and fixing his cigarette. After sterilization and removal of Bix from the vessel openings must be closed, belt fixed by tightening. Some drums holes made in the lid and the bottom, they open and close the movement of the plates-flaps. Quadrangular drums easier for autoclaves Cabinet-type; holes in the walls of such Bix plates are closed. The belt or the damper should be easy to navigate and fit snugly to the body Bix.
the drums on the standMaterial in the drums are placed tight and so easy to remove any item, without disturbing the others. Wads of cotton wool, gauze, bandages put on an edge or face, gloves put on top. Before sterilization to the drums attach a label with the content list, and after sterilization - a tag with the date of its holding. In the operating room and dressing the drums put on the appropriate size of the stand (Fig. 2)to raise the lid by pressing a foot pedal. The contents of Bix is sterile for 3 days. If the cover Bix opened (subject to the rules of reimbursement), the content can only be used during the day. Cm. also Sterilization surgery.