Bilignost (Bilignostum; synonym: Adipiodonum, Biligrafin, Jodipamide) is a radiopaque agent, containing 64,3% iodine. Applied intravenously 30-40 ml of 20% aqueous solution for radiography of the biliary tract and gall bladder. Pre-test the sensitivity to iodine patient.
Bilignost contraindicated in obstructive jaundice, acute liver disease and kidney failure, cardiac decompensation, severe forms of graves ' disease. Released in 2 ml ampoule (test ampoules for individual endurance), 10 and 20 ml of 20% solution. Store in a cool, dark place.
Bilignost 50% (Bilignostum 50%; synonym hrabrin) is the best contrast and tolerability. Injected 20 ml Produced in 1 ml ampoule (test ampoules) and 20 ml Cm. also a Contrast agent.