Bilirubinuria (bilirubin + GK. uron - urine) - the appearance of bilirubin in the urine. In normal conditions it is missing. Bilirubinuria is the result of increased content of bilirubin in the blood, occurs when the jaundice (see). Urine when bilirubinuria has a color from bright yellow to dark brown, with shaking her foam painted in yellow. Cm. also Bilirubinemia.

Bilirubinuria - content of bilirubin in the urine. Bilirubin is detectable in urine when the blood of bilirubinuria ("right" reacting bilirubin)free as (the"indirect") insoluble in water bilirubin through the kidney fails. So bilirubinuria observed in mechanical and hepatocellular jaundice, and not in hemolytic. The selection of bilirubin in the urine occurs, apparently, by kanalzeva secreta, as in the glomeruli he is not filtered. The idea that bilirubinuria occurs when blood levels of more than 2 mg% bilirubin, is not supported by clinical data. "The renal threshold for bilirubin, in addition to individual differences, changes with various diseases, and for the same disease (for example, at the beginning of the epidemic of hepatitis bilirubinuria detected when the content of bilirubin in the blood less than 1 mg%, and at the end of the disease may not appear in the blood levels of 3 mg% or more). When hepatocellular jaundice B. grows accordingly the severity of the process and subsides when it is improving. Reduction of bilirubinuria with mechanical jaundice evidence of restoration of patency of the biliary tract. Cm. also Bilirubin, Gmelin sample.