The binocular magnifier

the binocular magnifierBinocular magnifier is an optical device for examining small parts simultaneously by two eyes. Is used in ophthalmic practice for the examination of the anterior segment of the eye, in various fields of surgery, dentistry. The most common is the head of the binocular magnifier (Fig). In her system includes two lenses that give increased 2.25 times when the distance of the object on 20 see

Binocular loupe (lat. bini - pair, two and oculus - eye) - an optical device for examining both eyes simultaneously with a small degree of increase (in 2-or 4 lessons). The increase is achieved through normal lens or telescopic systems. Sometimes the best stereoscopic perception of the object in B. L. include prism. B. L. fastened on the head with elastic ring (Pandalus B. L., Fig.) or device, resembling a frame of spectacles.
The binocular magnifier is used mainly in ophthalmology, as well as in other areas of medicine (in particular, the surgeons of different specialties).