Binocular vision

No matter how perfect it was not the sight of one eye, it gives an idea of the considered objects only in one plane. Only when the vision at the same time the two eyes may depth perception and fair view of the mutual arrangement of the considered each eye items. This ability to merge individual images; received in each eye, into a single unit provides the so-called binocular vision.
Binocular vision in humans can be found already in the fourth month of life, is formed by two years, but its development and improvement ends only 8-10 years of age. Its external manifestation is stereoscopic (volume) vision, without which hindered the execution of driving, flying and other works, as well as classes in many kinds of sport. The study of binocular vision is carried out on special equipment.
In order to have a better idea of our visual functions should know about such important properties of the eye as the accommodation and convergence.