bandageBandage is used to hold (fixation) bandages on the wound - gauze, cloth, of corrugated paper; for compression of the veins in varicose and throm - elastic (neprofesionalni - "Ideal"); for compression of blood vessels and bleeding - rubber (esmarkha); for the imposition of fixing of bandages - plaster bandages. The most convenient ready gauze bandage factory production. If necessary, the bandage can be done from any tissue, tearing her in length. To break the gauze inconvenient as it shrinks. Better, cutting edge, gauze roll in all width of a thin metal rod, then remove it and cut the bandage of the necessary width.
Distinguish the beginning of bint (the free end), head (roll part), external and internal surfaces. The bandage is made from two parties, has two heads. For bandaging fingers apply bandages width 3-5 cm, head, forearms, shoulder and Shin - 7-9 cm, hips, stomach and body - 10-20 see For re-use the bandage roll manual way (Fig): end roll twice, four times, and so on, until you have a cushion, which is tightly wound the rest. If the bandage roll two of them, one pulls and pulls his hands, passing between large, index and middle fingers, and the other rolls. When pollution bandages can be erased; for the preservation of an elastic bandage. "Ideal" it washed, without stretching, squeezing, without kinking and crumbling in his hands, on drying not hang out and laid out. The bandages are used as dressing material sterilized by the General rules of sterilization (see). Cm. also dressings.