Biodata (biological dose) - conventional unit, which determine the minimum duration of ultraviolet irradiation of the skin, necessary for the emergence of the weakest (threshold), but clearly defined redness - erythema.
biodosimeterBiodata determine biodosimetry (Fig. 1) (a metal plate in the size 6 X Yu cm with six rectangular apertures in the size 0,5x2 cm each, closed movable metal flap). Sewn on to the oilcloth biodosimetry (with closed holes) put on the skin of the abdomen or back and secured with tape. Not to be exposed part of the body cover sheets. Mercury-quartz lamp or other source of UV radiation have just over biodosimeters at a distance of 50 cm from the edge of the reflector). Opening the first hole, hold the irradiation for one minute, and then open every minute one by one all the holes. the definition biodozy the skin of the abdomenThrough 6-24 hours take into account the number that appears on the skin of the bands and their degree of redness (Fig. 2). In the case of education for all 6 strips with poorly-defined 6th of them biodose will correspond to 1 minute, in the weak erythema on the 5th strip - 2 minutes
Biodata defines the nurses when using mercury quartz irradiators and heliotherapy.

Biodata (biological dose) - a standard unit used in phototherapy to indicate the amount of energy ultraviolet rays, which raises the threshold (i.e., minimum, but clearly defined) erythematous skin reaction. The value of b is determined by the characteristics of the source of ultraviolet radiation (its intensity, spectral composition and individual body's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays).
Individual sensitivity can vary considerably depending on the functional state of the organism, in particular in certain diseases; great is affected by previous ultraviolet irradiation. Therefore, in practice, light therapy should be determined before treatment individual biodose under the given conditions of exposure as the original unit with the dose of UV radiation.
The value biodozy Express the duration of exposure (in minutes or seconds)needed to obtain the specified threshold erythema reaction. B. determine if the use of mercury-quartz lamps or other sources of intense ultraviolet radiation, at least in the heliotherapy (see Biodosimetry). Depending on the kind of disease total exposure to start with 1/4-1/2 B. for erythema reaction in a limited area of the skin-with two-three times biodozy or even large doses. Cm. also the Ultraviolet Phototherapy.