Biodosimetry is the simplest device for determining biodozy. Is a plate made of metal or other material from 6 - 12 holes, close the sliding cover (Fig. 1).
Irradiated skin is most sensitive to ultraviolet rays parts of the body (abdomen, chest, back). The areas not to be irradiation, cover impervious to ultraviolet rays material. Exposure to small areas of the skin is increasing doses of ultraviolet rays through the holes of biodosimetry. Cover biodosimetry move every 1/2-1 minutes on one hole, so that by the end of irradiation (biodosimetry with six holes) skin through the first hole will be irradiated in the continuation 3-6 minutes, and after a sixth - 1/2 or 1 minutes After 6-8 hours, and in the outpatient setting within 24 hours set at which the duration of irradiation formed erythema minimal (threshold),

Fig. 1. Biodosimeter.
Fig. 2. The definition biodozy the skin of the abdomen: on the right abdomen for heavier, on the left - when less intensive irradiation.
determine thus individual biodata (see) under the given conditions of exposure (Fig. 2).