Bioflavonoids - biologically active substances with primary P-vitamin activity. The flavonoids are connections, which are based on ' -Pirogovo ring, for example, phenylbenzo-V-Piron (Flavon) and its derivatives, isoflavones, flavonols, flavonovy etc. They are widely distributed in nature in a free form, often as part of glycosides (see), forming plant pigments fruits, flowers, leaves, bark. From bioflavonoids are crucial citrine and quercetin. Citrine (vitamin P) mainly contains glycoside hesperidin and is found in citrus fruits, wild rose, berries of a black currant, red pepper, unripe walnuts, green tea leaves. Quercetin is part of the common glycosides - quercitine (in the crust of American oak), routine (in the flowers and leaves of buckwheat, potato tops, tobacco and many other plants), esculin (horse chestnut) and Many other bioflavonoids have been obtained by synthesis. In industrial scale bioflavonoids are extracted from plant material by extraction with water, water solutions of alkalis and alcohols.
Pharmacological action of bioflavonoids is diverse and not fully understood. Set their ability together with vitamin C to normalize capillary permeability, reduce their fragility, to reduce bleeding time and accelerate the blood down, slow oxidation of adrenaline, to inhibit the activity of hyaluronidase, reduces the toxicity of histamine (perhaps by suppressing the activity of getidentifiermetadata), and so on, Some of bioflavonoids (isoflavones) from certain varieties of clover, alfalfa, soybean flour (genistin) have estrogenic activity. In small quantities they are able to nurture the growth of agricultural animals in large - lead to sterility.
In the honey. practice bioflavonoids together with vitamin C used for violations of peripheral blood in patients with hypertension, to prevent bleeding complications caused by prolonged use of anticoagulants (dikumarina, and others), to reduce permeability capillaries and bleeding in infectious diseases, in case of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, as well as by radiation injuries, nephrite, streptococcal infections, rheumatism, polio, etc. Along with vitamins C, K, and salts of calcium bioflavonoids used for the treatment of bleeding in pregnancy and prevention usual spontaneous abortions.
Cm. also Vitamins.