Three peaks biochemical harmony

In the course of biochemical evolution occurred countless legions of complex organic substances. Among them are true masterpieces, the highest achievements of nature can be considered three types of connections: protein, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and nucleic acid deoxyribonucleic (DNA) and ribonucleic (RNA).
Protein is, as we already know, the basis of life. It is the ability of proteins to the exchange of substances with the environment is a fundamental property of living matter. However, the world in which we exist, includes in addition to the substances another two spheres - energy and information. Squirrel need volunteers for energy and informational part. Their role and perform the other two masterpiece biochemical progress.
ATP - assistant protein for energy, the universal energy accumulator for all biological processes. Reduced if the muscle, whether born in the brain nerve impulse - energy for them gives instant splitting, like the explosion of a certain portion of ATP. Next phosphoric explosives restored at the expense of other, more slowly running processes. It is a kind of transporting energy from the oxidation and other reactions to our tissues to their specific activities.
Nucleic acid - assistants protein on the information part. In the structure of DNA molecules that form the basis of gene carriers of heredity, laid a kind of drawings proteins future of the organism. The RNA molecules are carriers of this information on "scaffolding"where are synthesized proteins. RNA molecules - like stamps, transferring information from drawings on manufactured products. In the last decades of molecules of nucleic acids nervous tissue attach importance of individual media memory.
About wonderful properties of the enzymes
As we have said, scientists in the synthesis of complex organic substances have to go the wrong ways, what was the nature. Scientists have resorted to high temperatures, great pressures etc. meanwhile, modern living beings complex reactions of synthesis of organic compounds are going very quickly in normal conditions. Why is this happening?
Such ability is the result of a long evolutionary development. In the original protein clumps metabolism was very slow. However, more chances to survive were those who have metabolic processes were going faster, and evolution has led to the development of suitable devices. Acceleration of chemical reactions of metabolism was achieved with the help of enzymes.
We all know that such a chemical catalyst. This is a substance which, without being destroyed in the course of this reaction accelerates its course. So, in the presence of water iron faster combines with oxygen of air, i.e. rust. Water itself in this reaction is not spent, it is only an intermediary connecting iron and oxygen. Different reactions accelerated different catalysts, with some changes to the composition of the catalyst can strengthen its action. For example, iron accelerates decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. If you connect the iron pyrrol (special organic matter), the power of the catalyst increases to more than 1,000. If you attach here the particular protein, this force will be additional 10 million times more. Such combination of iron with pyrrol and protein present in the body and is called the enzyme catalase. One milligram it is replaced in its action 10 tons of pure iron, although it repossession properties, inherent in the gland.
In the course of evolution gradually emerged and became more and more new combination of catalysts with proteins. In modern living organisms all the metabolic processes occur very quickly due to the fact that each chemical reaction is accelerated its enzyme.