Biochemical study of the liver

Assessment of the functional state of the liver is based on the determination of biochemical processes occurring in it.
Functional methods of research help to solve the question of the existence and severity of the liver injury, the dynamics of the process, the usefulness and the forecast recovery of the functions of the latter. Also, often there are questions of differential diagnosis in particular determine the nature of jaundice, which cannot be resolved by other methods.
The purpose of functional diagnosis is determination in biological mediums substances generated or changing in the liver. There are tests that evaluate the activity of this authority without introduction of any extension agents. These include indicators such as the determination of the level cium plasma, proteinogram, the content of enzymes, etc. Due to considerable reserve abilities of the liver and other organs and systems supported by the constancy of the internal environment of the body, so sometimes expressed structural violations of the liver parenchyma not accompanied by substantial changes of biochemical indices. It makes use of data obtained by definition the reaction of the liver in conditions of high requirements - test with load.
The number of existing functional tests for liver extremely large. A correct assessment of the status of the liver parenchyma, cannot be based on one or group of samples, outlining a change of one type of metabolism: in liver diseases normal functional performance of the body in one of the types of metabolism can be combined with a sharp violations in another form of currency. This raises the need to simultaneously manage the different tests that reflect certain aspects in the activity of the liver. In some cases, the presentation of a sample impractical. So, liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension, any oral load does not give results that correspond to the actual state of the liver resulting from the breach of the processes of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. The selection of samples depends on the nature of the liver.
Functional tests, finding currently practical application and greatest interest, it is advisable to group in accordance with the type of currency that they reflect *.

* Detailed description of a technique of setting most functional tests, see: W. B. Predtechensky. Manual of clinical laboratory studies. Medgiz, 1960; I. Todorov. Clinical laboratory research in Pediatrics. The sixth Russian edition. Sofia, 1968.