Heavenly bodies, biorhythms and health

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 To argue much easier 
 than to understand. 
 G. Flaubert

For the last years in our press has been albeit cautious, but less ironic attitude to the relationship of the movement of the heavenly bodies and health.
This problem is not new. As is known, Hippocrates believed that there are critical for health days, depending on the galactic (i.e., ascending and descending simultaneously with the Sun) light. Galen, on the contrary, attributed a major influence on the health of the moon, especially, in his opinion, significantly affect the course of menstruation, the actions of lunatics and other
In the West there are tens of thousands of astrologers and sorcerers, specially preparing their educational institutions. Huge numbers out relevant literature. In the USA there are only about 20 astrological magazines with a circulation of over 500 thousand copies, in France - more than 10 logs, according to the German Institute of public opinion, the predictions of astrologers believe 30 percent of the adult population in Germany.
Recommended in case of any disease "to consult with the stars, before the operation take into account the possible "adverse combination of stars". Have ever found, even with manual "Medical astrology, written by a certain Omar Century garrison. In England publishes the journal of popular occultism and astrology "Prediction" ("Saint"), indicating the days and hours that are particularly useful for taking medications. Japanese astrologers had predicted the unfortunate fate of the girls who were born in 1966, which was considered to be the "year of the horse and fire". In this regard, in 1966 in Japan has dramatically increased the number of abortions - women feared that newly-born girls will remain old virgin.
In our press, the possibility to influence the motion of heavenly bodies on health has attracted attention in connection with the problem of jet lag. On the last write and speak a lot, although it is not new. At the end of last century, the existence of multi-day human biorhythms said one of the first Berlin doctor V. the Fliess. He noticed that the attacks of asthma and some other diseases are often cyclical. These and subsequent observation of a number of other authors (, Freedom, Schwing, and others) formed the basis of the theory of jet lag. Consider that people are the triad cycles: physical rhythm in 23 days, the emotional / sensual - 28 days and intellectual in 33 days. In each of the cycles distinguish positive and negative phases. The day when the curve of biorhythms crosses the zero line, going from positive to negative phase and Vice versa, called "critical". If the curves of two or three biorhythms cross the line at the same time, the degree of "critical" days correspondingly increases.
Further more research, according to which a state people can submit and other rhythms. So, it is suggested that in the intellectual rhythm of human activity year creative activity is replaced by two-three years known downturn.
In each case counting and determination of the rhythms are conducted since the birth of this or that person, as by itself the latter is critical for the body during the day, reflecting the transition from one environment to another.
To an individual determination of the downs, UPS and critical days and is the essence of the issue.
Consider that the knowledge of biological cycles makes it easier to adapt to the negative phase of biorhythms and "critical" days. In Japan for this purpose handheld computers. Although heard a lot of voices that there is a "grain", becomes uncomfortable feeling of fatality and defenseless before the "black" days, as before fate. It's hard to tell with confidence, whether each would like to know when these days are waiting for him. Won't they be allowed to overshadow the positive phase of any jet lag?