The currents of the brain

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For an accurate diagnosis of the disease of the brain in recent years increasingly important electrophysiological study. Electrophysiology is too young and quickly developing science. What does she learn? In many tissues and organs of animals and humans in the process of their activity are formed special electrical currents, which scientists have named the currents, i.e. by the currents of life. Any muscle, heart, brain and spinal cord - all these bodies, while they live and function, like a tiny power plants, constantly produce electric potentials.
But these "live" currents are very small, their tension is calculated in microvolt (ppm volts). Therefore, in order to "catch", measure, and study the currents, must be a number of sophisticated devices.
The first examined the currents of the human heart. Special device for recording these currents on film, the so-called electrocardiograph, now you can see not only in major Metropolitan clinics and institutions, but in any district hospital.
The record of currents heart - electrocardiogram - is an extremely important method for the diagnosis and, consequently, for the treatment of all major illnesses of heart.

Sophisticated electronic devices detect electric potentials "emit" the brain cells. Changing the shape and movement of these potentials (see, for example, the fourth abstraction in the figure)assist the neurosurgeon not only to specify the localization of brain tumors, but also to get valuable information about the functions of the brain.

Much more challenging task was the study of the currents of the human brain. The fact that these currents are much weaker currents heart. In addition, the bones of the skull are like barrier that significantly weaken them. Therefore, in order to catch the currents of the brain and record them on paper tape, it is necessary to strengthen them in hundreds of thousands of times. It took to create a very powerful multivalve three-phase lighting electronic amplifiers. This became possible only in the past fifteen to twenty years, with the rapid progress of modern electronics and radio engineering.
The second feature of currents brain is that it has been established in recent years, electric potentials emits each nerve cell in the brain. If to recollect, that in the human brain there are many billion nerve cells, it will become clear extremely difficult to decrypt those complex "patterns", or as they say electrophysiology, curves, which are obtained during the registration of electric currents in the brain.
...In a small room with no Windows on the couch lays still sick. The walls of the room, which is called shielded chamber, made of thick metal grid. It acts as a screen to prevent the intake chamber "outsiders" currents that exist in the atmosphere.
On the head of the patient wears a light rubber helmet, from which the selector is a bundle of thin colored wires. It electrodes, the ends of which are in contact with different points on the scalp. Each electrode "removes" the currents from a small area of the brain, on which this electrode is installed.
Outside shielded room in the spacious and bright room there is a large complex system, by type and size reminiscent of a piano. On the remote control apparatus seen dozens of sliders, buttons, levers.