Bira method

Bira method is artificially induced hyperthermia tissues (mainly venous) with the purpose of influence on the inflammatory process. Active hyperemia is created mainly hot air in special boxes (Fig. 1). The sessions hot air continues 1/2-1 hour (maximum 2 hours) daily. Passive hyperemia easiest way to cause the imposition of rubber bandage, which compresses the veins coming from the area of the inflammatory focus (Fig. 2). Overlapping bandage should be changed; the duration of the session is dependent on the nature of the disease and varies between 1-2 and 20 hours. The body that is caused by the stagnation of blood, should be warm to the touch (not less than healthy side), and pain in it should disappear. Passive hyperemia indicated for the treatment of acute surgical infections (furuncles, carbuncles, felon, tendonitis, mastitis, gonorrheal inflammation of the joints and others), active - chronic processes and their consequences (contracture, joint stiffness, and so on). Currently method Bira is of limited use.

Fig. 1. Box for active hyperemia of the ankle joint.
Fig. 2. The imposition of rubber bandage for passive hyperemia.