Meteorol (Bithiurolum; list B) - protevoepilepticescoe tool. Intramuscularly (in the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks) and 1 ml every other day. The course of treatment 24-25 Jr. contraindications are the same as in the application of biogenol. Produced in bottles of 100 ml Cm. also Protivoepilepticheskie funds.

Meteorol - protevoepilepticescoe means; 11% suspension of complex compounds of bismuth Iodide with thiourea in persikovom oil. Meteorol injected intramuscularly in a dose of 1 ml a day. The course of treatment 24-25 Jr. Highest single dose for adults - 1 ml (1 every 2 days). B. can be used in patients with increased sensitivity to quinine, do not tolerate biogenol. Side effects and contra - see Bismuth, Protivoepilepticheskie funds. Release patients in the dark glass of 100 ml