blepharophimosisBlepharophimosis - shortening eye slits (Fig). Blepharitis may be congenital, associated with other abnormalities of the eyes, and acquired, which developed as a result of chronic inflammation edges century, especially in areas outside their spikes. Operative treatment.

Blepharitis (blepharophimosis; from the Greek. blepharon - eyelid and phimosis - compression) - the narrowing of eye slits in the horizontal direction (Fig). There is sometimes as a congenital condition in connection with the microphthalmos, epicanthus, congenital ptosis or may develop as a result of chronic inflammation of the ciliary edge of the eyelid (blepharitis), especially in outer spikes. In some cases blepharophimosis occurs as a result of trachoma and in such cases it is often accompanied by the age of volvulus and trichiasis.
Treatment of blepharophimosis surgical - canthoplasty (see).