Blepharoplasty - operation restore age with partial or complete their defect is the result of trauma, tumor removal, etc. in the Most perfect way of blepharoplasty is plastic round stem Filatov (see plastic surgery of the Skin). To blepharoplasties include the following: canthotomy (the expansion of eye slits through cuts to the outer spikes century), canthoplasty (plastic surgery for the expansion of eye slits), beforetime (operation dissection century), as well as surgery to repair the wrong position age (inversion, ectropion).

Blepharoplasty (from the Greek. blepharon - eyelid and plastike - molding, shaping) - the restore operation century or parts of them. To blepharoplasties usually considered and operations redress century when vyvoroten. Blepharoplasty produce more often at full or partial defects century after injury or tumor removal, rarely with congenital anomalies, when the entire eyelid (abbefaria) or part (coloboma century). When B. apply all existing methods of plastics: free flap and flap on the leg on all variants, including her round stalked flap Filatov. Modern recovery methods century are autoplastics, and only to a very limited extent begins applying homoplasies of lyophilized material.
To eliminate scar eversion century often use the following methods B.
1. Operation Kunta - Szymanowski (Fig. 1). Eyelid rasslaivath deep interregionalism cut from the outer spikes century to halfway. From the received thus two LPS century excised triangles: one of the skin at the outer corner of the century in the temple, the second of the conjunctiva with cartilage. After that, the skin of the century is stitched to the top of the dissected in the temple of the triangle.
2. The operation of Blascovich (Fig. 2). Excised part of the lower eyelid skin at the outer corner of the eye, the incision is still up and skin century pull up to the top of the section.
To actually blepharoplasty are operations in which restored the lid of the whole or any part of it by transplanting tissues. Recovery century offset a flap method Imre produced by arched sections of the skin with a large separation from the underlying tissue; thus receive a movable flap, easily moved to the place of the defect (Fig. 3). Widely used are also plastic flap on Fricke. This method allows you to replace the defects of both the upper and lower eyelid skin flap moved from his forehead to the top of the century and from the cheeks to the bottom (Fig. 4).
A modification of the method Fricke is B. flap-flap [I. N. Kurlov, Späth (I.e. Century Spaeth), Hughes (W. L. Hughes)]. On the skin of the forehead or cheek make the cut, the skin usepreview in his pocket; the internal surface Tsepkolenko skin is covered with mucous membrane with lips. The position of my pocket and its value correlate with defect century. After 7-14 days after the formation of pockets and healing of the mucous membrane of an incision releasing his pocket, and educated so mucocutaneous flap on the leg transfer on the defect area (Fig. 5).
When the plastic round stem Filatov (see plastic surgery of the Skin) flap can be formed near century on the neck:
after the organization of the flap (10-12 days) its distal end is cut off flap turn to century, rasplachivat and use for different types of eyelid surgery (Fig. 6). For blepharoplasty in most cases sufficient small stalk "microlevel" (A. A. Knees, B. N. Filatov).
A. A. Knees, A. K. and S. Dashevsky M Hawtin suggested recovery method century in the entire thickness in the absence of the eyeball. Scar tissue in the lower eyelid and in his cheeks not excised, and cut, some distance from the lower edge of the orbit of 2-3 cm, then usepreview and fix on the skin of the forehead mattress seams. Thus, scar tissue turns inward, forming the inner surface of the next century. Then from the skin of the cheeks or the temporal area cut a flap on the leg, which zakryvayut wound surface of the plate Tsepkolenko scar tissue. It turns out duplicatura of scar tissue, and skin where scar tissue replaces the mucous membranes, the skin is the outer plate century.
When Century. it is possible to recover at the same time conjunctival cavity for wearing a prosthesis (Fig. 7). If after the operation on the eyelid edge deprived of his eyelashes,

Fig. 1. Operation Kunta - Szymanowski
Fig. 2. The Operation Of Blascovich.
Fig. 3. Blepharoplasty by Imre.
Fig. 4. Scheme education Loskutov on the leg on Fricke.
Fig. 5. Recovery century flap-flap on Kurlovu.
Fig. 6. Recovery century round stalked flap Filatov.
Fig. 7. Simultaneous recovery of both age and kongungualny bag on the Knee.