The blepharorrhaphy

The blepharorrhaphy is an operation of partial or full suturing the edges of the eyelids on different dates. Shown when the exophthalmos, neiroallergicescom keratitis, corneal xerosis shell and other

The blepharorrhaphy (from the Greek. blepharon - eyelid and rhaphe - seam - stitching eyelid margins for partial or full closing of the palpebral fissure. Temporary blepharorrhaphy shown in plastic surgery recovery century free flap, when neiroallergicescom keratitis, corneal xerosis, if orbitotomy. Prolonged partial B. used in the eversion century, when logofftime. At the time bivariate available eyelids only bring one seam on Golovin (Fig. 1) or three vertical seams. The needle is injected into the skin on the eyelashes in the middle of the upper eyelid are brought to intercostal space, then injected in a symmetric point intercostal space of the lower eyelid and display below the lashes; threads pull together and tied a knot. With long-term B. scissors or a scalpel to remove the epithelium intercostal spaces century and wound surfaces closer to their contact 5-6 vertical seams (Fig. 2). Cm. also Blepharoplasty.

Fig. 1. Temporary blepharorrhaphy on Golovin.
Fig. 2. Long blepharorrhaphy on Rodinu.