The infections

the infectionsthe Infections is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, accompanied by large gnomecanvas; often caused by gonococci (gonoblennoreya). There are gonebingo (infections) in newborns and adults. Now, in connection with the successful fight against gonorrhea and prevention of infections in maternity hospitals, infections occur very rarely.
When the infections newborns infected eyes happens when passing of the head of the fetus through the birth canal patient gonorrhea mother. Ill usually both eyes. On the 2nd or 3rd day after birth the child shows swelling and redness century, hyperemia and edema of the conjunctiva. Eyelids become very tight and difficult to expand or twisted. At the very beginning of the disease discharge from kongungualny bag scarce, serous-bloody, on the day 4-5 becomes abundant and purulent. The infections can be complicated by the defeat cornea with the formation of festering sores, the outcome of which is formed of the eyes. Possible perforation of the cornea with the development of panophthalmitis (see), the outcome of which comes atrophy of the eyeball and blindness.
The infections in adults is much harder. The disease is caused by infection in the eye contaminated hands by patients with urogenital gonorrhea or is transmitted to others through personal hygiene items patient (washcloths, towels and others). Usually attacked one eye, the symptoms are the same as when infections newborns, but more pronounced; often severe lesion of cornea.
During examination of patients with infections during retraction century pus can splash jet. Therefore, before opening century, it is recommended to impose on them a cotton swab and use protective goggles.
Treatment. The most effective and have the fast action of antibiotics and sulfa drugs. After washing the eyes izotoniceski solution of sodium chloride buried solution of penicillin (100 000 IU in 10 ml of distilled water) 2 drops in the eye every 5-10 minutes during the first two hours and then every hour during the day. Every 3 hours the fluid in the eye of 30% of a solution sulfatsil-sodium (sulfacetamide). Intramuscularly injected solution of penicillin in common dosages. When infections adults for the prevention of infection transmission in the second eye on it impose protective bandage with watch glass, the edges of which attach sticky patch.
Prevention of infections in newborns is the following. All newborn immediately after birth carefully wipe the ages cotton woolmoistened in a 2% solution of boric acid. Then, slightly parted lips ever let into the conjunctival SAC 1 drop 2% solution of nitrate of silver (silver nitrate). For the prevention of infections is also of great importance and the fight against gonorrhea (see).

The infections (blennorrhoea; from the Greek. blennos - slime and rhoia - over the expiration; synonym gonoblennoreya eye) is a disease of the eye caused by gonococcal infection. Distinguish B. newborn and B. adults. When infections newborns eye infections occurs in most cases when passing of the head of the fetus through the birth canal patient gonorrhea mother.
The first clinical symptoms B. appear on 2-3-day life of the child, both eyes are usually fall ill at the same time. At first appear sharp hyperemia and edema of the conjunctiva century; the conjunctival surface smooth, easy bleeding when touched. Detachable is serous-bloody nature.
After 3-4 days eyelid conjunctiva thickens, becoming rough because of the abundance of the swollen buds, conjunctiva eyeball swells and a roller hanging over the edge of the cornea. Detachable becomes abundant and takes the form of thick greenish pus (printing. Fig. 3). During this period, in the process often involves the cornea. It appears infiltrates, soon izyaslavs; in severe cases, in the absence of proper therapy increases ulcer, deepens and may cause perforation of the cornea. The infection can get inside the eyeball and cause anophthalmic (see) with the subsequent atrophy of the eyeball. In a more favourable cases ulcer rubchenia, but in its place is more or less intensive turbidity, often greatly reducing vision.
Sometimes occurs in newborns eye disease resembling B., but without gonococcal infections. In epithelial cells of the conjunctiva usually detected a kind of "inclusion", similar to those observed with trachoma (see). This so-called conjunctivitis with inclusions differs from the true infections more sluggish and less severe; cornea in the process is not involved.
The infections in adults proceeds usually heavier than in newborns. The eye infection occurs by the transfer of infection with urinary tract contaminated hands or objects (washcloths, towels). The disease goes through the same phase as the Baltic newborns, but the incubation period lasts 1-2 days, the defeat cornea occurs earlier and is particularly heavy.
Combating B. newborns is primarily in the preventive activities. You need vigorous treatment of gonorrhea (see) urinary tract mother, prevention in the Cred - Matveyev - vpuskaj immediately after birth in the bag kongungualny his eyes newborn 1-2 drops 2% solution of silver nitrate. In adults at detecting signs of infections in one eye should immediately to prevent the possible penetration of pus from the patient's eyes healthy. For this healthy eyes dressings with watch glass, through which the patient can watch while the doctor to monitor the condition of your eyes.
Treatment drip every hour of the solution of penicillin (100 000 IU in 10 ml of physiological solution), or 30% solution of sulfacetamide; the great value has multiple rinsing solution of potassium permanganate (1:5000). When infections in adults at the same time conducting a course intramuscular injection solution of penicillin.