The blockade procaine

The blockade procaine is a method of non-specific pathogenetic therapy of a number of surgical diseases, based on temporary shutdown of innervation in a certain area procaine blockade is possible to stop the development of the inflammatory process, to distinguish abstemious its forms, to restore the tone of many organs (intestines, uterus , and others).
Procaine blockade produces the doctor; the role of nurses is the preparation of the Toolkit and the patient to hold the blockade. Must be prepared 10 - or 20-gram syringe, thin, short and long (10-12 cm) needles with mandrene and 0.25, or 0.5% solution novokaina in the amount of 250 ml. the Skin in the area of the proposed injection treated with alcohol and alcoholic iodine solution.
To conductlumbar novocaine blockade lumbar (perinephral) procaine blockade patient is placed on its side with cushion the back (Fig. 1). Produce anesthesia skin in the angle between the XII edge and long muscles of the back. Through shot plot deep tissue promote long needle, put on a syringe filled with the solution of Novocain.
As progress needle continuously enter a small amount of solution novokaina. When the needle will go in okolopochechnuyu fibre, enter 60-80 ml solution novokaina. Lumbar novocaine blockade is used for the differential diagnosis of paralytic ileus from mechanical (last novocaine blockade is not effective), with inflammatory diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity, shock, obliterating endarteritis. After lumbar blockade necessary two-day in bed. It is not recommended to carry it out-patient.
cervical car-sympathetic novocaine blockadeFor holding cervical car-sympathetic procaine blockade patient is placed on his back. Under blades enclose a small cushion, his head turned away from the site of injection side (Fig. 2). Novocaine enter in the tissues at the rear edge of the sternoclavicular-liners muscles, above the place of its intersection with the external jugular vein.
Just enter 40-60 ml of 0.25% solution novokaina. Cervical novocaine blockade is used for prophylaxis and treatment pleuropulmonary shock when the wounds of the chest, before some operations on the thoracic cavity organs.
circular blockade hipWith persistent neuralgia, neuritis, in some diseases of vessels, and most often to combat shock in severe injuries (broken femur, tibia, shoulder , and so on) is a circular novocaine blockade. Sometimes (for example, in fractures of the hip, shoulder) it can produce a paramedic before evacuation of the patient in the surgical hospital. Novocaine injected above the injury in healthy tissue, away from the location of the neurovascular bundle (Fig. 3 and 4). The needle is brought to the bone and imposing a solution, slowly pull it back, occasionally sipping the piston. The blood should not appear in the syringe.circular the blockade shoulder When it appears, you should stop the injection and gently pull the needle. Do a few (3-4) injections around the circumference of the leg. When hip fracture enter 120-200 ml of 0.25% solution novokaina, shoulder - 100-150 ml. After procaine blockade imposed bus transport.