Block nerve

Block nerve (nervus trochlearis) - IV pair cranial nerves, the motor, innervates the top oblique muscles of the eyeball. Fresh nucleus nervi trochlearis) is located in the midbrain in the Central gray matter that surrounds the brain (selview) pipe (aqueductus cerebri) at the level of the lower durholme, posterior to the nuclei of the oculomotor nerve and near the rear longitudinal beam (fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis). Root block nerve on the output from the kernel goes through the Central gray matter in the front brain sail (velum medullare ant.), where meet with spine nerve block opposite side and comes out near bridle brain sails around the side surface of the upper part of the bridge and the legs of the brain. Block nerve enters in Dura side of oculomotor nerve, takes place in the side wall of the cavernous sinus (sinus cavernosus), where he received sympathetic fibers from cavernous plexus cavernosus) and sensitive from the branches of the trigeminal nerve (see), through the top orbital slot is included in the cavity of the eye and goes to the superior oblique muscle. Superior oblique muscle gets part of fibers and from the name of the kernel block nerve. Both cores nerve block are connected through the rear longitudinal beam and through axons inserted cells.
B. N. affected by diseases of the eye socket, the top orbital cleft, cavernous sinus, brain stem, on the base of the brain, under pressure to Chetvorkata tumor of the cerebellum. B. N. often surprised simultaneously with oculomotor nerve (see). Unilateral isolated paralysis B. N. is rare. When the disease B. N. appears superior oblique palsy of the muscles, resulting in a loss of movement of the eyeball down and inside. When you look down the eyeball deviates outward. When you look down and to the side, opposite the affected B. N., strabismus increases. It disappears when you look down and to the side of the affected nerve block.
The anti-inflammatory treatment, symptomatic, in appropriate cases, surgery.

Topography nerve block: 1 - n. trochlearis: 2 - n. lacrimalis; 3 - n. nasociliaris; 4 - n. moreover; 5 - n. ophthalmicus.