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Methods of research of blood

Small fluctuations of the morphological composition of blood occur during the day under the influence of food intake, work, etc. so it is better to take the blood in the morning on an empty stomach or with repeated testing, always at the same time and in the same conditions. When clinical blood analysis determine the content per unit volume of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes, their composition, some patients and the number of thrombocytes and reticulocytes. Simultaneously with General clinical blood test to determine the reaction of the erythrocyte sedimentation (see the Settling of red blood cells). Blood obtained by puncture of the tip of the fourth finger of the left hand, pre-minced alcohol. The puncture is at a depth of 2.5-3 mm with a sterile Lancet or needle Frank with replaceable sterilized blades. Be limited only by wiping the blade alcohol is prohibited, as this is not destroyed the virus infectious hepatitis. The first drop of blood washed dry cotton, subsequent use. At first trying to enter the blood in the eyedropper to determine hemoglobin, then faucets or tubes for the account of erythrocytes and leukocytes, then make strokes for leukocyte count, platelet reticulocytes.
The hemoglobin is produced by various methods depending on the available devices, the most frequent geometra (see) GS-3. Blood type in the eyedropper from the device to the mark of 0.02 ml (20 mm3), blown in the graduated tube, which is pre-loaded to the lower ring of 0.1 n solution of hydrochloric acidand stirred. After 5 minutes in the test tube dropwise poured, stirring occasionally, distilled water until the color solution is not equal to the color of the device of the standard. Division of the scale, which will lower the liquid meniscus, please indicate the content of hemoglobin in grams-per cent (g%), in grams per 100 ml of blood. Still the expression of hemoglobin in units (conditional percent) fall into disuse. To translate the content of hemoglobin, expressed in units, in gram-interest, it should be remembered that 100 units correspond 16,67 2%, 1H%=6 units. Normal hemoglobin for women 11,7 - 15,8 g% (70-95%), for men and 13.3-18 g% (80-108 units). When using photovoltaic retrogamer mix 5 ml of 0.1% solution of sodium carbonate and 40 mm3 blood. (2 pipettes from geometra GS-3). The mixture is poured into a cell with a mark of "D" and come forth according applied to the device instructions. Is more accurate determination of hemoglobin in elektrofotografie FEC) In a test tube containing precisely metered 4 ml 0,04% ammonia solution, adds 20 mm3 blood (1 dropper from geometra GS-3). To obtain 0,04% ammonia solution take 1.6 ml of 25% ammonia solution with a specific gravity of 0.91 and diluted with water up to 1 L. the Definition on FEC-M carried out at a green light filter in a cell with a width of 10 mm, counting on the red scale right drum ("the second method of measurement"). The hemoglobin content found on the calibration curve or table. The hemoglobin in special photovoltaic devices (GF-1 and others) are described in detail in the enclosed instructions.

Fig. 1. Mixer for red blood cells. Fig. 2. Successive stages (1-3) the preparation of smears of blood. The arrows indicate the direction of movement of the glass.

The counting of red and white blood cells are produced in the accounts chamber or in the automatic devices of the account. For the account of erythrocytes in the camera prepare the breeding blood 1:200, using the mixer (melanura) or tube. Mixers for red blood cells (Fig. 1) and leukocytes are pipettes with extension (ampoule) in the middle, where the bead, razmeshivaya blood, and with labels indicating to which point to collect the blood and distributing its liquid. For cultivation of red blood cells take mixer for erythrocytes and nakazyvaet the blood through a rubber tube, put on his upper end, to the mark "0,5", and then 3% solution of sodium chloride up to the mark "101". When Nastavenie need to bring the volume just to labels; you cannot prevent the emergence of bubbles in ampoule.