Blood depots

If the blood makes a complete revolution in less than half a minute, one would expect that in a minute , the heart will pump blood volume, twice exceeding the number in the body. The number it is, as we remember, 5-6 liters. So, the minute the performance of the heart should be 10-12 liters. However, the above mentioned, that alone heart pumps only 4 litres, i.e. volume, even less than the number of the elixir of life in our body. The resulting contradiction is explained by the fact that under normal conditions in a circular motion involved, only about half of the blood, and complete revolution in 27 beats make only the fastest portion of blood flowing on the axial movement. The rest of it is "on a siding" - in the so-called blood depots. The Deposit occurs in two ways: the part of blood deposited in the true way, the other part is moving, but much slower axial current. Where are our depot blood?
In the upper part of the abdomen, left, deeply hidden under the ribs, lies the body, called the spleen. In the beginning of our century, on his appointment, no one knew. Preserved the story of a careless student who on the question of Professor on the functions of the spleen was trying as usually, to cheat and exclaimed: "Oh, Professor, I knew that when it came to the exam, and now became worried and completely forgot all!" Then the Professor, in turn, grabs his head and sad exclaims: "What a loss to science! The only person in the world knew that makes spleen, and he forgot!"
Today we know that the spleen, on the one hand, is the "gravedigger" for outdated (more precisely, their 4 months) of erythrocytes. On the other hand, together with the liver, skin and lungs it is one of the four major blood depots of the body. Alone, these depots contain up to half of all blood, and the depot in the full sense of the word, excluding 0.5 liters of blood from a circular motion, it is spleen. Other depots contain slowly moving blood. When intense muscular effort, when the heart increases your productivity several times, depot throws blood in total shock. The enlarged tenfold capillary bed of the muscles is filled with the elixir of life.