Mediator between blood and tissues

No matter how important the blood, it can fully perform their duties only with the help of tissue fluid, or lymph. Despite the direst bifurcation of a capillary network, the blood could not come into contact with every cell of the body. This drawback is compensated by the presence of lymph, filling all the intercellular gap and an important mediator between the blood and the cells of our body.
Lymph is formed from the blood. Under the influence blood pressure through the thin wall of the capillary filtered part of the blood plasma, which washes away all cells, giving them the nutrients. Secreted by cells of carbon dioxide immediately back through the wall of the capillary - goes into the blood and other waste products takes lymph, which part gives them in capillaries, part carries herself. From intercellular gaps originate her capillaries, which gradually merge to form the vessels, similar to Vienna. They also have valves. In the end lymph going in two large vessel, which flow into the main veins that carry blood to the heart. Thus, lymph also moves the greater part of the cycle is taken of the blood from the capillaries to the large veins flows independently on special vessels.
Sometimes education lymph exceeded its outflow. Firstly, it is for the weakening of the right ventricle, does not manage to pump bring blood through the veins. Secondly, this happens in case, when due to some painful process in Vienna or lying near the tumor outflow of blood is compromised. In both cases was flowing in the arteries more blood than flowing through the veins. Filtering lymph increases, and swelling occurs. There are swelling and some renal diseases and poisoning, leading to increased permeability of capillaries (for example, by the bite of a snake).
Along the lymphatic vessels can here and there to see growth, thickening, called lymph nodes. They are clusters of one of the types of leukocytes, lymphocytes and are as barriers against the infection if it is adjudged to be in the lymph. Lymphocytes are produced here and. Lymph nodes can be felt in the armpits, on the border of the neck with the lower jaw, and so on, In the presence of infection lymph nodes increases, becomes painful. From lymphatic tissues are our tonsils. A lot is contained in Appendix - the vermiform Appendix cecum, which are sometimes called intestinal amygdala. Often detainees these bodies microbes are stronger than lymphocytes. The tonsils and the Appendix can then turn into chronic infections (chronic tonsillitis, chronic appendicitis). In such cases it is necessary to resort to surgery for the body, previously useful, turns into a nursery infection that can cause severe disease of the heart, joints, etc.