Blood products

Blood products used with certain medical purposes, get out of the formed elements (erythrocyte, lejkovina and trombotsitnoy estate) and plasma of donor blood (albumin, gamma globulin, hemostatic sponge, dry antihemophilic plasma, thrombin, fibrin, fibrinolizin).
Erythrocyte mass extracted from the blood Bank settlement in 24-48 hours, or by centrifugation followed by the separation of plasma. Keep it sterile conditions at temperature 4th without preservative or glucose-sucrose solution, shelf life of 10-20 days. Erythrocyte mass (due to its content of hemoglobin) performs mainly a function of gas exchange in the body. Apply for intravenous injection in the treatment of anemic conditions.
Leucocytes mass produced by centrifugation blood precipitators (for example, gelatinous) and subsequent extraction leucocytes film. In preserving solution viability of cells is kept for two days, 8 days only 60% of viable cells. Leucocytes mass contains different enzymes and stimulants leikopoaiza. It is used intravenously in the treatment leykopenicheskih States, especially developed as a result of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.
Trombotsitnuyu mass is obtained by centrifugation at first blood, then plasma from which the deposited platelets. Selected platelets mixed with a preserving solution. Trombotsitnuyu mass keep in liquid, frozen and dried States. Shelf life accordingly 5-10 days, 2 months and several years.
Trombotsitnuyu mass injected drip. It contains a number of factors of blood coagulation and is effective hemo-static tool at bleedings of different origin (aplastic and gipoplasticheskaya anemia, a disease Verligofa, radiation sickness).
Dry plasma released in sealed ampoules. Easily dissolved in izotonicescom solution of sodium chloride. Last injected into the vial to the extent that the plasma had before drying (shown on the vial). Used intravenously for blood loss and shock. In some cases (for example, traumatic brain injury) to introduce a concentrated plasma, that is, dissolve it in a smaller (2 to 4 times the volume of the liquid. To avoid the deterioration of solubility of plasma, it is necessary to preserve in conditions of high vacuum (residual pressure 50-100 mm RT. Art.). Shelf life of dry plasma up to 5 years.
Dry antihemophilic plasma obtained by drying plasma immediately after taking blood from a donor. With this method of procurement does not disappear activity antihemophilic globulin. The retention period of 1-2 years and more at low temperatures (from 0 to -10 degrees). It is used for intravenous injection as hemostatic means in hemophilia patients.
Drugs albumin produced in the form of 20, 15, 10 and 5% solution. Used mainly for treatment of shock, blood loss, gipoproteinemii. Transfusion 100 ml of 20% solution of albumin therapeutic effect corresponds to the transfusion 400-500 ml of plasma. In this regard, in the treatment of shock (trauma, burns and others) and blood loss is more convenient to use drugs albumin than plasma. When the traumatic shock is usually administered intravenously inkjet 200-300 ml of 20% solution of albumin. The period of storage of drugs albumin 5 years.
Fibrinogen as a drug from the plasma of donors. It is used to stop bleeding after surgery, with a massive hemorrhages in obstetrics and gynecology (premature detachment of the placenta, childbirth on the background of Hypo - and afibrinogenemia, postpartum bleeding), and other bleeding associated with a lower content of fibrinogen in the blood. The drug issue in vials containing 1-2 g of fibrinogen (in powder form); in addition, take one vial with the solvent in the quantity necessary for dissolution of fibrinogen. Dissolving product ex tempore at room temperature and is used not later than 1 hour after cooking. Introduce a solution fibrinogen into a vein or drip-drip method. The average dose to stop bleeding 3-4 g (1 to 8 g). The introduction of fibrinogen can be alternated with transfusions of blood, plasma, erythrocyte mass. The drug is contraindicated thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, decompensation heart.
Other products derived from blood plasma: gamma globulin (see), hemostatic sponge (see), thrombin (see), fibrinolizin (see).
Cm. also Protein hydrolysates.