Battalion medical center (APC)

Battalion medical center (APC) is a division of the medical service in the infantry (tank) battalion.
In difficult conditions of the modern combat using as firearms and weapons of mass destruction BMP, headed by a medical assistant, is designed to organize search for, removal and disposal of affected from the field and from the hearth of mass lesions; provide first aid to the victims and their preparation for the rapid evacuation to medical facilities, rendering medical assistance. In addition, BMP conducts medical exploration, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures; participates in the aftermath of the attacks of the enemy; provides sanitary instructors mouth medical property.
In offensive combat BMP, moving the battalion, has been delayed for assistance on the borders of the greatest losses, and then moving on. BMP works on a clean area, in the natural or artificial shelters (ravines, dug-outs, etc), organizing for affected sorting and evacuation areas as well as a place to provide medical care (see Medical care in the military field conditions).
BMP is equipped sanitary car kits dressing devices, tyres, supplies, oxygen inhaler, etc. In some cases to provide first medical aid emergency vehicles emit doctor with transport and medical property. While the evacuation lead directly to clinics providing qualified assistance.