Bobrov's apparatus

the Bobrov's apparatusBobrov's apparatus used for subcutaneous injection of fluids (5% solution of glucose, isotonic solution of sodium chloride). Is a graduated glass jar with a capacity of up to 1 l, tightly sealed with a rubber stopper (Fig). Through the holes in the tube in the vessel inserted two glass tubes - short and long. Last almost reaches the bottom of the vessel and is connected by a rubber hose with a needle. Short tube connected rubber bulb with pressure gauge to create the necessary pressure in the Bank. The Bobrov's infusion apparatus was sterilized by boiling or autoclave; pear sterilization is not subject. The Bank filled warmed up to temperature 40 degrees sterile liquid so that the level it did not reached the short end of the tube, and tightly closed tube. Pumped into the jar air displaces the liquid in a long tube to the needle. After the introduction of a needle into the fatty tissue in the Bank constantly stirring up the air so that the liquid was received at a rate of 1 liter per hour. The rapid injection of a large number of fluids can lead to disturbances in blood circulation in the skin and necrosis.
Bank of Bobrov's infusion apparatus was used for other purposes: for humidifying of oxygen during inhalation (oxygen is passed through a long pipe, and through water that particular object sticking its bloated in the Bank, it is delivered to the patient for a short tube), as well as a reservoir at extraction of fluids, for example from the pleural cavity - the needle attached a long tube with an exhaust device is short.