Bodyflex - breathing exercises for weight loss

Article about the benefits of Bodifleks, to whom and why you need it, and as they do, etc.

What is bodyflex?
Almost every woman sometimes wonder how to lose weight quickly and permanently. They read books and magazines in search of the perfect recipe for weight loss, sit on various diets, drink different supplements and teas. But nothing helps. And Oh how I want to lose weight! One way out: to pay only 15 minutes a day to Bodifleks. Bodyflex is a set of complex procedures, which are based on breath (aerobic respiration) and breathing aperture in combination with simple exercises.
Breathing aperture nourishes the cells with oxygen, which helps to eliminate toxins, burn fats and lipids. Exercises reinforce these effects and make the muscles and the skin resilient. After the first session, there has been a surge of energy and improving mood, and after a few workouts can be observed reduction of waist by a few centimeters.

Who and why needs bodyflex?
Do you need regularly, and only skinny stomach. Bodyflex beneficial effect on the muscles of the stomach, resulting in the stomach is reduced in size and requires much less food. The best foods to eat a low-fat, and not eat before bedtime. Lessons bodyflex perfect for people of any age, even children.
The only contraindications bodyflex - recent surgery and pregnancy at any time. A significant advantage of this method is that it is available to people of any material wealth, as the bodyflex you can do, not only in gyms or fitness centers, but also at home by following the instructions described in the books, or watching videos on bodyflex.
The efficiency of this treatment is very high. As the observations of experts, when doing aerobics within the hour is burned 250 calories, and when doing bodyflex for the same amount of time is burned 3500 calories. Here and feel the difference. In addition, aerobic respiration promotes massage of internal organs, which leads to improvement of a metabolism.
Hunger while not increasing, as when doing other physical exercises. Especially ideal bodyflex for women who have recently given birth, therefore gained weight plus the weak tone of the abdomen. No need to let go and turn into fat, shapeless, groomed, aunt, justifying their appearance childbirth and (unfortunately, very often) by the fact of her marriage.
While the child is asleep, scroll to 15-20 minutes for yourself and work out. Noise from these sessions is no, because the bodyflex you can do without music. In this technique every day, you are already in a week will notice a significant decrease of body. When classes are in the system, your problem areas will cease to be a problem, the figure will find former shape and become more fit.
Also, this technique is extremely useful for those who want to quit Smoking, because deep breathing not only cleanses the lungs naturally, but gradually restores them, thus reducing the desire to smoke. Consequently, the probability of getting cancer or cardiovascular disease decreased significantly. And if you still did not help either diet or exercise equipment or liposuction,, bodyflex. In any case, you will not lose anything, but the likelihood that something will get quite high.