The feeling of pain

There is another kind of sensitivity, about which to talk. It is the feeling of pain. Occurs it with strong irritation of tissue, particularly of the skin, of any nature - chemical, temperature and so on, It also occurs in a number of disorders of internal organs. No matter how unpleasant pain, it is for the organism important signal of impending devastating effects or about the problems in the domestic economy. Pain forces us to draw back the hand from a hot object to carefully treat diseased organ. In some diseases of the spinal cord (for example, those of syringomyelia) dissolved those ways that go to the brain pain signals. Such people sometimes lean up against the hot subject and can get severe burns, without noticing it.
As any protective device of the body, the pain is not absolutely perfect and always a nice feature. In those cases when they are sick themselves nerve conductors or centres, relevant to the perception of pain, the person experiences a huge and absolutely unnecessary for the body suffering. With such pain must be fought.
Of exceptional importance is the issue of generic pain in women.
Animals in childbirth also experience pain. We know this from our Pets. Darwin watched as the female gives birth of a Hippo. She walked around or rolled from side to side, opening and closing his jaw , and his teeth chattering; her body was covered with sweat red. In animals pain in childbirth biologically appropriate. First, they indicate the coming important event in the body and cause to stop any other activity. Secondly, in case of pain stimuli in the blood highlights some hormones, strengthens contractions of the uterus. If a rabbit to prijaviti under the cornea of the eye piece muscles uterus - and it allows you to constantly see her behavior, that when applied rabbit pain irritation piece of the uterus actively reduced.
If for animals generic pain have adaptive value, in respect of a person, this conclusion should be done with some caution. First of all people experience pain is immeasurably greater. Near the Soviet researchers suggested that the power of generic pain in women depends not so much on the strength of the signals from the uterus, as from the special status of the cortex of the brain. Further, in an interview 13 we will see that sometimes the weak irritation may like to intensify. It happens when cortical cells are found in the so-called paradoxical transition from excitation to braking. Apparently, at birth, we are faced with such a state of cortical pain centers. Why is this happening?
During the whole previous life woman from books, short stories of other women constantly hear about big pain in childbirth. This suggestion came from the century, and was canonized by religion. According to the biblical legend, God expelled Adam and eve from Eden, told eve: " pain you shall bring forth children".
Under the influence of such age-old suggestion a woman going on deliverydefinitely sure that will suffer, and afraid of it. Fear causes greater braking conditions and conditions of transition between the braking and excitement. Hence abnormally strong feeling of pain in childbirth.
To minimize generic pain in women under biologically justified level, it is necessary to prevent the age-old suggestion about the necessity of suffering in childbirth, which continues today, and replace him with the impression opposite nature. It is necessary to tell the woman about the mechanism of birth and show her some help childbirth techniques, the use of which by itself will make it conscious assistant midwife. Then the brake will not be able to achieve the abnormal intensity and excessive pain will disappear.
The correctness of these ideas put forward by the Soviet psychotherapist I. 3. Velkovski, tested on millions of births in our country and abroad.