Of Baldwin operation

Of Baldwin operation (J. F. Baldwin; colpopoiesis from the small intestine) - the operation of education artificial vagina when aplasia the vagina and the uterus. The operation of Baldwin is drehmomente (Fig): 1) by blunt form a bed for artificial vagina in gallbladder-pryamokishechnye tissue to peritoneum premonicion-uterine deepening (red); 2) produce chrevosechenie, repetiruyut 25 cm of the small intestine in its distal, tightly sewn ends resected cut, restore the patency of the intestine anastomosis end-to-end or side, reveal the peritoneum premonicion-uterine deepening laid over the progress in the gallbladder-pryamokishechnye tissue and reduce resected segment of intestine in a prepared bed; abdominal wall sutured in layers; 3) omitted segment of bowel is stitched to the vaginal entrance.

Of Baldwin operation: 1 - preparation of bed in the gallbladder-pryamokishechnye tissue; 2 - reducing resected loops of small bowel in a prepared bed; 3 - mucosa reduced the segment of the small intestine opened and stitched to the lining of the vaginal entrance.

When applying anastomosis and the stitching all resected cut apply a two-storey seams (catgut on the mucous and silk on serous membrane). To the vaginal entrance segment of intestine hem thin catgut. Avoid twisting of the mesenteric vessels is a segment of bowel becomes a dual channel.
By Mori (M. Mori), the colon becomes in the form of a single channel. Mortality in the small bowel colpopoiesis at 474 operations - 11,6%; the disadvantage is excessive secretions from the educated vagina and frequent narrowing of the latter. In modification M. S. Aleksandrov apply period of not thin, and the sigmoid colon, mucous membrane which is less secretion. In this modification 260 operations mortality -1,5% ; long-term results persistent - restriction is not observed, the allocation secret insignificant.