Pain points

Fig. 1. Pain points when neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve and migraine: 1, 3, and 4 - of the branches of the trigeminal nerve. 2 - projection outside the temporal arteries.

Pain points - zones on the surface of the body, mainly in the course of nerve trunks, when pressed on which in the case of development of some diseases there is a feeling of pain. Pain points have a certain localization for various diseases (picture 1 - 3). So, when neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve pain occurs when pressed in the supraorbital tenderloin, infraorbital hole and chin region. In migraine pain points are defined in the course of the exterior of the temporal artery , and in the places of the branches of the trigeminal nerve; in some cases temporary pressing temporal artery can stop the migraine attack. When the disease brachial plexus pain occurs when palpation over - and subclavian region, along the neurovascular bundle on the inner surface of the shoulder and forearm. When intercostal neuralgia painful when pressed points: on the side of bodies of the thoracic vertebrae; at the intersection edges with a vertical line from the axillary holes; the connection of the ribs with the edge of the sternum. When sciatica is characterized pain points: in the paravertebral region at level II-V of the lumbar vertebrae; in the middle of the buttock crease; by the middle of the back of the thigh; in the hollow of the knee and on the back of the lower leg (projection of the sciatic nerve); on the front-inner thigh (projection of femoral nerve).pain points on the body in pictures

Fig. 2. Pain points (front): 1, 2, and 4 - in diseases of the brachial plexus; 3 intercostal neuralgia; 5 - in lumbosacral radiculitis; 6 - 8 for appendicitis (6 - point Nummela, 7 - point Lanza, 8 - point Macs-Barnea); 9 - when cholecystitis. Fig. 3. Pain points (rear): 1 - when intercostal neuralgia; 2 - in lumbosacral radiculitis.

Diseases of internal organs can also cause pain points in certain areas. When the stomach ulcer pain points are defined by the side of the spine at the level of the X - XII thoracal vertebra (point Boas). At cholecystitis pain occurs when a feeling of intersection of the outer edge of the right rectus with a rib arch and in the right supraclavicular fossa between the legs sternoclavicular-liners muscles. For appendicitis characteristic: point to Mac Bernie - on the border of the outer and middle third of a line running from the upper right anterior spine of the Ilium to the navel; point Nummela - finger below and to the right from the navel; point Lanza - on the border of the middle and right-thirds of the line connecting both the front upper spine of the Ilium.