Hospital equipment

Functional beds for medical purposes are used for the care of patients in conditions of varying severity. This equipment are equipped with intensive care, maternity hospitals, post offices, trauma housing and nursing homes. The data specially designed devices are designed to facilitate the care of bed-ridden patients for a good and faithful location patients themselves. Medical beds can also be used at home to create all necessary parameters of the maintenance and care of the sick.

This type of medical equipment is used both patients and medical personnel. The usability of both parties is the main task when designing beds. High demands are made not only to comfort and security and functionality. The functionality of medical beds depends on:

  • the number of sections that can change the angle of inclination;
  • the availability of the bounding walls;
  • type of the drive;
  • availability of wheels on the legs;
  • equipment of different additional equipment.
  • The number of regulated sections can be from one to four. Adjusting these sections allows you to lift the area of the body that you want to lock in the raised position. Some models have the possibility of transformation into a chair. Thus, for patients with limited freedom of movement, there is the opportunity to take a sitting position without making dangerous and complex movements. Most models are equipped with special orthopedic mattresses and foundations of lamellas. The average maximum weight of the patient is 185 pounds.

    Restrictive bumpers protect patients from possible falling from the height of the bed on the floor. Bumpers, as a rule, are falling. This quality allows easy access for medical personnel to the patient. Descending sides allow you to easily move the patient from the stretcher to the bed and back.

    Drive of mechanisms beds can be completely mechanical, fully electric and combined. Electric drive allows the patient to self-administer the position of sections of the bed and adjust the angle of inclination, and greatly facilitates the work of medical personnel. The remote control can be handheld or mounted in the bed.

    The wheels on the legs of the bed, allow to use it as transport from the chamber to the destination, for example, prior to operating or maternity ward. It is important to consider the possibility of fixation of the wheels and bringing beds in the stationary state. LLC "NOVOKOM" offers models beds are equipped with wheels with individual holders.

    Additional equipment includes a huge number of titles. This can be a special racks for droppers, removable toilets, equipment for stretch marks in fractures, the handle to lift the chassis from lying down, and much more.