Sick leave

Sick leave (sick leave, Bulletin) - the document to receive benefits under state social insurance in case of temporary disability of workers and employees; document justifying the absenteeism. For the sick list study the incidence (see) temporary disability.
The Bulletin is issued only by physicians of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments of the health authorities of the USSR and the medical-sanitary Department of the Ministry of Railways. Doctors of other agencies granting of sick leave may be granted by the order of the ministries of health of the USSR and Union republics in consultation with trade unions. In places of absence of the doctors the right to issue the Bulletin is provided to the doctor or nurses appropriate health authority.
Medical certificate is issued upon the occurrence of disability due to illness, injury, pregnancy and childbirth, to care for an ill family member, quarantine, health resort treatment, the abortion. In diseases of the Bulletin is issued by the attending physician is not more than 6 days. The extension of sick leave is made with the permission of the head of Department and his signature. Exemption from work on the Bulletin may not exceed 4 months of the year, and when re-diseases - 5 months (for TB patients is 10 months). On expiry of these period, patients should be directed in VTEC (see Examination of disability), which granted the right to decide on temporary disability.
Medical certificate issued on the day of the establishment of disability, except in the case of treatment in a hospital. At the time of treatment in a hospital Bulletin is issued with additional period after discharge no more than 10 days to follow-up in the clinic.
To transfer to another job due to health medical certificate may be issued with TB or occupational diseases for the period not exceeding 2 months.
Sick leave women with normal pregnancy and childbirth is granted for 112 days (for 56 days before and after childbirth); at a pathology of pregnancy and birth or birth of two or more children - 70 days after childbirth.
If necessary, sanatorium treatment and upon receipt of the voucher at the expense of social insurance (free or pay 30% of cost) Bulletin is issued for the period of treatment and the time of travel to the resort and back, but excluding days of the main and additional leave.
Sick leave to care for an ill family member in the absence of admission issued by the attending physician for a period not exceeding 3 days. The certificate of incapacity for quarantine issued epidemiologist, health or your doctor.
Sick leave abortion is given by the doctor who performed the abortion (with the approval of the chief physician), only when abortion for medical reasons or if spontaneous abortion, and women with average monthly income of up to 60 roubles
In other cases, the Bulletin is issued from the 11th day of disability (for the first 10 days receive a certificate for exemption from work).
In cases of domestic injury disability certificate is issued with a 6-day work incapacity; for the first 5 days of incapacity for work issued certificate. Dismissed from work on sick leave are not issued.