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Fighting alcoholism in industrial enterprises

Shop protivomaljarijnye Commission, which, together with the administration, representatives of the party, trade unions and Komsomol organizations Department, advanced performance activists are Guild doctors receive information in workshops about antisocial behaviour of workers in connection with alcohol intoxication and take them into account. Sources of information are the human resources, personnel departments, drug-posts by titled, public organizations, etc. All persons suspected of abuse of alcohol, Guild protivomaljarijnye Commission sent to the narcological Cabinet (anarkopunk) the medical-sanitary unit on medical examination to detect signs of alcoholism. Only the psychiatrist has the right to the diagnosis of alcoholism and the appointment of proper treatment.
In the function of the shop committees also includes measures of administrative-educational impact in terms of microcalcite, the investigation of each case of alcohol abuse, monitoring the systematic treatment suffering from alcoholism, keeping in touch with the families of alcohol abusers, and other Important in the work of the members of the Guild commissions is individual approach to violators of public and industrial discipline in connection with the abuse of alcohol. Elements of this approach are the conversation the officials in the presence of a member of the Commission with the employee, was first seen in the abuse of alcohol; a discussion of the conduct of the person who abuse alcohol, at a meeting of popgruppi or enlarged meeting of the shop Committee regarding public censure or administrative penalties; referral for consultation in narcological Cabinet (anarkopunk) the medical-sanitary unit; the consolidation of the person suffering from alcoholism, public inspectors (from the number of the Commission members, representatives of public organizations, master), which is obliged to ensure the attendance of such person in narcological Cabinet, to monitor the progress of treatment, to establish contacts with the family. When evading appearance to the doctor Guild Commission refer the case in a friendly court, which in the cases of a particularly malicious alcoholism recommends that administrations and public organizations of the workshop is to bring together with the relatives of the petition before the people's court for compulsory treatment.
Very significant the role of health professionals medical-sanitary unit, which are part protivogololodnych commissions and take part in the detection of persons with harmful alcohol. Health part through narcological Cabinet (in smaller businesses, where there is no narcological Cabinet,through narcological dispensary) organizes special treatment of alcoholism.
Psychiatrist takes an active part in identifying patients with alcoholism in medical examinations of persons suspected in relation to alcohol abuse.
In the medical-sanitary unit Automobile them. I. A. Likhachev on narcological Cabinet entrusted methodological guidance to all Guild commissions. Narcologist provides assistance in planning and conducting events, regularly reviews the reports of the committees about the work done. The narcologist as a member of the plant Commission granted the right of direct participation in the work of the shop committees and control over their activities. Together with the Commission psychiatrist conducts routine inspection of persons, working in conditions of high risk (drivers, mechanics and other)to prevent the release of their work drunk. The Commission together with the psychiatrist and workshop therapists organizes and conducts sanitary-educational work, paying the most attention to disadvantaged in relation to production and social Sciences areas.
Discussing the issues of the fight against alcoholism at the meeting of the overall site of the Commission, as the experience of Automobile them. I. A. Likhachev, preceded by a thorough check but alcohol and drunkenness in the shops.