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Fighting alcoholism in industrial enterprises

Inpatient treatment of alcohol in combination with socially useful work was first performed in 1967 at a number of enterprises of the Moscow region. This experience shows that the narcological branch, industrial enterprises, as a progressive form of the stationary treatment of alcoholism, most effective treatment and bring significant economic benefits to enterprises. The number of narcological departments at industrial enterprises in Moscow region increased from 2 (for 180 beds) in 1968 to 19 (1495 beds) in 1975 Narcological branch organized with engineering and electrotechnical enterprises, glass, ceramic, bus and car-repair factories, furniture and cotton mills, building trust and state farm.
Experience narcological departments at industrial enterprises of the Moscow region approved by the Commission on combating alcoholism of the RSFSR Ministry of health and the Ministry of health of the USSR and recommended for distribution. In 1976 in the USSR functioned 76 narcological departments on 5060 beds, including in the Novosibirsk region - 4 branches on 240 beds in Saratov - 3 300 beds, in Sverdlovsk - 5 280 beds in Yaroslavl - 2 on the 140 beds in Omsk - 2 165 beds.
Narcological branch, industrial enterprises created in the majority of Union and Autonomous republics, territories and regions. There are a number of publications, reflecting the positive experience of their work not only in Moscow region but also in Leningrad, Tomsk and other Similar narcological Department has also been established in several enterprises of the Moscow factory "Burevestnik", factory "the Wrestler" and others). Examination of the activities of these departments indicates the feasibility of their creation. Thanks to complex influence of therapeutic and educational measures sick alcoholism in most cases begin to actively engage in labor activity and successfully meeting the production plan. Professional workers of the enterprises that work sick alcoholism, help them to overcome the illness, bring the right attitude to work, life. The introduction to the work changes the social face of alcoholism, they feel useful to society people.
It is worth considering the experience of treatment of alcoholism in narcological Department of the Moscow psychiatric hospital № 4 of them. P. B. Gannushkina, organized by Missinterpreted. The Department has 50 beds, treatment suffering from alcoholism includes five steps:
I - the short (1 week), when a patient is taught the need for long-term treatment. Particular attention to the role of occupational therapy in conditions of industrial enterprises prolonged stay in the hospital;
II-(3-4 weeks). - patients included in the work, are not regulated by the schedule of the enterprise and does not require special skills (auxiliary work, territory cleaning and other);
III - occupational therapy in the workshops of the enterprise;
IV- (continued 1 month after a two-month hospital stay) - consolidation received therapeutic effect. Patients participate not only in employment, but also in the social life of employees;
V - rehabilitation stage. Within 10-12 days the patient does not receive any medication and is under the close supervision of medical personnel Department, laboratory researches, which allows to judge about the state of metabolic processes in the body. On weekends patients are allowed to go home. If there are no failures, the sick are being prepared for discharge; continue the cycle of maintenance therapy.