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Fighting alcoholism in industrial enterprises

A relatively large spread of alcohol abuse, significant economic damage from alcohol and drunkenness require protivogololodnych activities at the industrial enterprises. If you have large contingents, United professionally and geographically, there are ample opportunities for joint efforts of medical workers, government and community organizations to identify persons who abuse alcohol and carrying out of a complex of measures of medical and social impacts. In addition, production teams play a leading role in shaping the moral consciousness of the workers, in educating active and intolerance weaknesses, internal conviction in immorality and drunkenness. The report of the CPSU Central Committee XXIV Congress of the party to the production team called the basic unit of a socialist society, a stable Association of people connected by one goal and common interests, discipline, friendly mutual help and gives wide opportunities for the Communist education of its members and formation of their socialist way of life, main features of which are the high degree of social activity, conscious discipline of work, creative self-activity, the movement for the Communist attitude to work.
Study and generalization of the accumulated experience protivoallergennoy work at industrial enterprises allows defining the following main directions:
- timely detection and registration of persons suffering from alcoholism, and drunkards and active dispensary observation;
- development and implementation of a complex of measures of medical and social interventions aimed at addressing the factors contributing to the abuse of alcohol, in conditions of micro-social environment (family, the workplace);
- wide educational work among the workers, aimed at the eradication of alcoholic traditions, further improvement of the cultural level;
- decisive and merciless struggle administration and public organizations with all forms of drinking in production and in private life;
- purposeful protivotankovaya propaganda, which is based on an extensive explanation of the health and social consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.
The main part of the fight against alcoholism and alcoholism at the industrial enterprises are special protivomaljarijnye Commission, which are designed to coordinate all the work on struggle against drunkenness at the industrial enterprise. Experience protivogololodnych commissions in a number of industrial enterprises of Moscow and other cities shows, that they are efficient organizational form of public involvement in the fight against drunkenness, alcoholism and those antisocial phenomena that causes drunkenness.
Summarizing the literature data on combating alcoholism in industrial enterprises, as well as the results of research carried out at the Department of social hygiene and public health organization II molgmi, we tried to present in General terms the system of relations and consistency between the major components (factory and workshop protivomaljarijnye Commission, health part, narcological Cabinet) to identify persons who abuse alcohol and implement them dispensary observation.
Part of the factory protivoallergennoy Commission, in addition to authoritative representatives of the administration of the factory party Committee, the local Committee of the Komsomol Committee and chairmen of the largest Guild protivogololodnych commissions must enter the chief doctor of the medical-sanitary unit and a narcologist. The main functions of this Committee are the coordination and direction of all protivoallergennoy work at the enterprise; identification and compulsory medical examination of persons who abuse alcohol; definition of specific measures of administrative and public exposure in relation to persons registered for alcohol abuse.