Boric acid

Boric acid (Acidum bоricum) - antiseptic; a weak acid. Has the form of colorless crystals, moderately soluble in water. Used externally in the form of 2-4% water solution to rinse the mouth cavity, pharynx and for washing eyes. Boric acid is also nominated in some diseases of the skin in the form of 5-10% ointment or powder.
Boric acid is a member of the pediatric powder "Bolus", boric ointment and boric-zinc-naftalannoy paste produced in finished form.
Cm. also Antiseptic.

Boric acid (Acidum boricum) - antiseptic, used in the form of 2-4% water solutions for rinsing of the mouth, eye wash. Boric acid is used for the treatment of skin diseases in ointments (5-10%) and powders. Ready produced boric ointment (10%) and boric-zinc-Naftalan paste (5% boric acid, 25% zinc oxide and 45% naphthalan ointments, 25% of wheat starch). Cm. also Antiseptic.