Borjomi is well known drinking resort of Georgia. Is located in a beautiful mountain valley at the confluence of the rivers Kura, Gujaratis-Chali and Borjomi, at the height from 704 to 806 m above sea level. Fabulously beautiful and at the same time, harsh surroundings Borjomi. The famous resort has created its mineral springs. In 1891, was captured Catherine source, and in 1894 - Evgenialucky that long before that were known to the local population. In 1927, and then in 1936 surveys were conducted, and the total yield of mineral water increased up to 400 000 l/day. Water all the Borjomi springs carbonate-sodium. The total mineralization from 6.2 to 7.1 g/L. in Addition ions of hydrogen and sodium, are found in the water a certain amount of chlorine and iodine, bromine and boric acid. Of the trace elements present, lithium, barium, strontium and cobalt. Characteristics of the source № 1 (b. Catherine):

Even before the October revolution in Borjomi was organized bottling plant of mineral water. In 1963. here already poured over 100 000 bottles.
Treatment in Borjomi indicated in patients with the following diseases: chronic gastritis, saying disease stomach and duodenal ulcers in remission, diseases of operated stomach, chronic enterocolitis different etiology, liver disease and gall bladder, urinary tract and metabolism diseases.