wartWart is a small benign tumor formation noninflammatory nature. There are several types of warts.
Common wart is localized primarily on the back of the hands and fingers. Nodules in the magnitude of a pinhead to pea, thick consistency, painless, normal skin color or gray-brown. Plantar wart is located deep in the skin, often on the ground, subjected to pressure, covered with a thick layer of Horny masses, sharply painful. Senile wart usually localized in closed areas. Nodules reddish-brown color, the size of a lentil, covered with fat, easily receding scales. Flat (youth) wart is localized on the face, neck and the back of the hands; the size of a pinhead, round shape, color normal skin or slightly yellowish solid consistency. Pointed condylomas usually localized in the anus and vulva, is papillomatosic growths, which merge to take the form of "cauliflower" on the leg. Emit an unpleasant smell.
Ordinary plane warts and genital warts are caused filterable virus.
Treatment. Inside - magnesium oxide (burnt magnesia) for 0.5-1 g 3-4 times a day.
Local - surgical diathermy, cryotherapy (freezing) and cautery (ointment with 15-20% salicylic and 5-10% of lactic acid). Genital warts scrape the sharp spoon of Volkmann, grease with 20% alcohol solution podofillina. The method of treatment the doctor chooses depending on the localization of the process, its prevalence and subjective sensations of the patient.
Prevention. Observance of hygiene rules skin care; if you have any warts - timely treatment to prevent their spread.

Warts (verruca) - benign contagious skin lesion with the appearance of the papules, or papillomas.
Ordinary and flat warts and genital warts are caused by a common virus - Tumefaciens verrucarum. The incubation period is long-term (2-5 months). Histologically, depending on the clinical form is found of different severity papillomatosis, acanthosis, hyperkeratosis; in cells subulate layer - perinuclear vacuoles.
The common wart (verruca vulgaris) - a dense, noninflammatory nature bundle, size pinhead to pea, greyish or yellowish, with a rough surface. Most often localized on the hands. Common warts can appear in a large number. Wart flat I, or juvenile (verruca plana, s. juvenilis) - flattened papule, slightly protruding above the healthy skin, round or polygonal shapes, bodily or yellowish-pink color, with a matte, sometimes brilliant surface. Flat warts are usually multiple, pour out on the face, back of hands in persons of young, mostly school age. The plantar wart (verruca plantaris) - masolivera kind of common warts - localized in areas of high pressure, mainly from head metatarsal bones and in the heel area. Painful when pressed. After scraping the surface of the warts Horny masses naked papillary expansion. The genital warts (condyloma acuminatum) occurs in the form of tiny pink papules, then growing, taking zooskoolzooskool form. At the confluence of the papules are formed extensive vegetation. Typical soft consistence, narrow as the legs of the base. Often develop on the genitals, groin and miyagawacho folds when unscrupulous content and maceration of the skin.
Treatment. Vulgar and flat warts destroy electroacoustical, diathermocoagulation, liquid nitrogen, snow dioxide. Often with the removal of one ("parent") warts disappear the rest. In case of flat warts inside appoint arsenic, burnt magnesia. In both forms of warts sometimes used hypnosis, suggestion, it seems, causing inhibition of trophic impacts on CNS tissue warts). Plantar warts are excised, destroy electroacoustical; sometimes they disappear after repeated injections under their Foundation 2-3 ml of 1% solution novokaina. Genital warts remove sharp spoon, electroacoustical; in the initial stages - powder resorcinol in half with dermatol, lubrication 20% alcohol solution podofillina.
Wart senile, or seborrheic (verruca senilis, s. seborrhoica), develops in people with viral infection is not related. Flat round papule or plaque, gray, brown or black in color, covered with loose soaked skin fat Horny masses. Localized in the field, characteristic for seborrheic skin rash. If the wart is exposed to injury, it is removed electrocoagulation (see Diathermocoagulation).
In some cases it is possible rebirth of skin cancer; caution by traumatic manipulation and onkologa.

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