The climate of the resort Borovoe

Shchuchin district of Kokshetau region, known for its Borovoye resort, is located in the steppes of Kazakhstan. However, the resort is located on the slopes of Kokshetau mountains, at altitudes 336-482 meters above sea level, and therefore refers to the type of low-mountain forest-steppe resorts.
Towering on the isthmus between two large lakes, Borovoye resort is like an island in the steppes covered with pine forest. Semicircle covers its main Kokchetav massif mountains. Range of many lakes, > mountain, located at different levels, and steppe.
Beautiful nature, clean air (by the way, it has no mosquitoes, no midges) and favorable climate attract many.
The main purpose of the resort - the treatment of tuberculosis, diseases of organs of movement and other diseases. Climate therapy is combined with treatment of koumiss. Apply mud and mineral water.
What is the climate of Borovoye resort?
It has all the features of the continental steppe climate, which is, however, mitigated, as the main Kokchetav massif mountains protect the resort from the cold North-West winds, the forests on the territory of the resort reduce the effect of wind, moreover, in their shadows and on the shores of lakes can be found cool on a hot summer day.
Continental climate is reflected in a substantial difference in temperature between winter and summer, and temperatures in the daytime and nighttime hours of the day (especially in the warmer months), in the maximum amount of precipitation in the summer months and, despite this, the dryness of the air, due to a high temperature and short rains. Solar radiation reaches higher values.
Winter in Borovoye moderately cold. The average temperature of the coldest month, January, -15 degrees. Frequent moderate (up to -12 degrees) and high (up to -22 degrees) frosts, in some years is possible even frosts 40 to 50 degrees, but it is possible and thaw. Stable snow cover lies from early November to mid April.
Spring is clear. About 10 April, average daily temperature goes through the 0 degree, and in early may - 10 degrees. By the middle of may stop freezing. This month, the average temperature in the daytime reaches 18 degrees and the humidity is lowest in a year (47%).
Summers are warm. The average daily temperature of the warmest month, July, about 20 degrees, June and August - about 17 degrees. Often hot and dry days, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees, and the relative humidity is reduced to 40%. On average it is about 49%. Per month on average is 10 days with precipitation, but rainfall of short duration. Basically they storm the nature and for the most part accompanied by thunderstorms. Most rainfall in July (average 56 mm), in June - 52 mm, and in August - 45 mm. The sun much. Sunshine duration is the highest in June - 300 hours (that is 10 hours every day). It is 66% of the possible sunshine during the day length. In July and August sun is slightly less (286 and 244 hours, respectively).
Autumn begins with a lower average daily temperatures up to 10 degrees and with the frost. Average date of these phenomena on September 25. In a month the temperature falls below 0 degree, and a month is below -10 degrees.