Bor (Borum,) is a chemical element of group III of the periodic system of D. I. Mendeleev. Number 5, atomic weight 10,82, valence +3. Pure boron - dark-brown powder, pharmacological and Toxicological does not matter, toxic some of its compounds (halides boron). A number of boron compounds used in medicine (see Boric acid, Borax).

Bor (Borum; - chem. element III group of the periodic system of elements of D. I. Mendeleyev. Ever since. number 5; at. weight 10, 811; valence +3 (rarely +1, +2). There are two stable and four of the radioactive isotope. The content in the earth crust 5·10-3%. The major minerals, Sassoon, borax. Bor trace contained in the organisms of plants and animals. Get Bor recovery In2O3 magnesium electrolysis borates (salts of boric acid). The density of crystalline boron - 3,3, amorphous - 2,3; temperature plasma - 2075°, temperature instrumentation. 3860 degrees. Chemically Bor inert; with oxygen, chlorine, bromine, sulfur connected only at high temperatures, with metals forming borides. Under the action of acids on Board magnesium (Mg3B2) is allocated a mixture of hydrogen compounds of boron (boron). Boron is very poisonous, have a disgusting smell, volatile and air samoustraniajutsia. The oxide In2O3 (boric anhydride) is responsible orthoboric acid H2BO3 - crystalline substance of white, soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin and other weak Acid; with alkalis forms salt metaboric HBO2 and paraborne (or tetraborat) H2At4O7 acids - tetraborate. Sodium tetraborate (Boer, H2AT4O7·10H2O) - white crystalline substance soluble in water, glycerin, aqueous solution is alkaline reaction (hydrolysis); boric acid and borax are used as a means of antisepsis (see). Boric acid and borax by ingestion or absorption through the damaged skin areas have toxic effects.
In the administration of boron compounds are observed lesion of Central nervous system, accumulation of boron in the brain, liver, blood and other, in acute poisoning, vomiting, convulsions, shock (see Poisoning).